Monday, May 10, 2010

Miami Premonitions

One week ago, a friend of mine who is one of the top gemstone jewelry designers in the country, called me up on the phone. Her voice sounded odd, compressed. I asked if she was okay.

She said, "I'm fine. How are your kids?"

"Oh, they're fine," I said. "Why?"

"Well, I don't really know. I was worried."

"Well, my husband and I are leaving for Miami in two days, on Wednesday, and the kids are staying home by themselves."

"Really? Maybe that's why I was concerned," she said. "I got one of those feelings and it wouldn't go away, so I knew I had to call you and let you know."

"Oh," I said suddenly appreciating her anxious-sounding voice. Now I was actually a bit worried myself. This friend had once told her husband not to take an airplane flight because she got one of those "feelings." She fought with him for two days until he finally relented and made a reservation on a different flight. As it turned out, the flight he was supposed to have originally taken ended up in a crash and everyone on board died. So when my friend has a "feeling" I pay attention even when it doesn't "make sense." Now since I am not a fan of flying, I began to get very nervous that her bad feeling related to our plane reservations.

"No I don't think so," she said, "It seems to have more to do with the kids, but I'm not really sure. Just make sure you have someone watching over the kids while you are gone."

"It sounds to me," I said, "judging from your tone of voice that on the scale of good (1) to bad (10) this has an ominous feeling of about a seven, is that right?"


Long story short, I made arrangements with two neighbors who are mothers/friends, to call in and keep an eye on the kids while we were gone. Just in case.

Meantime, I taught my regular psychic development workshop in NYC. During one of our exercises doing a bit of remote viewing, one of my students said, rather incongruously and unrelated to the exercise, that he "saw" Miami, and "heard" a song "Meet me in Miami" and "saw" something that looked like a fish aquarium with the water slowly draining out of it behind the glass.

I think I looked at him slightly cross-eyed and said, "Well, I am going to Miami the day after tomorrow. I certainly hope you are not telling me that my plane is going to crash in the ocean! Because I already got someone else's premonition that there is a potential problem."

He said, "No, no, I'm not getting a scary feeling - just kind of gentle."

We flew to Miami and the flight went without a hitch. Actually it was almost enjoyable. We had a fabulous time dining, drinking, partying. I began to think my tuned-in friends may all have been way off the mark and just plain wrong.

However, during a cocktail party Friday night, a friend of mine told me she had been invited by the wife of someone who was a business acquaintance of her husband's to go to Miami's aquarium as a day trip - and would she had told the woman she would have to ask me first because otherwise she would not go! Of course I said yes. It was fate! What was odd was that my friend's husband said he had just met these people one hour earlier. He was stunned when I told him about my student's prediction.

Score one - for my psychic workshop student's clairvoyance. I didn't even know that Miami had an aquarium! In fact it was in Key Biscayne and we had to drive 45 minutes to get there! The aquarium trip was fun and there were no disasters. I breathed a big sigh of relief. Perhaps my other friend was just plain wrong this time. Nothing even remotely bad had happened.

However, Saturday evening I spoke with my son on the phone. He was home by himself while his big sister was out babysitting. He told me he was just coming home and it was extremely blustery and windy out. He heard a huge crackling explosion and noise and jumped inside the house. There was no power. He was very frightened and ended up spending the night with one of the neighbor/moms I had called. I found out the next day that my daughter had been unable to come home that night because our street was blocked off by the police. A huge tree in our neighbor's house had crashed down across the street and all power was cut off due to the electrical lines being severed. My daughter slept at a friend's house one hour away since it was 1:00 am and she couldn't call anyone nearby.

Score one for my jewelry-designer friend! Now I understood why her premonition feeling was "ominous" and yet not totally catastrophic. It was a good thing I took her seriously and arranged with my friends to look after my kids in advance.

But there was still one slightly ominous piece left. Sunday morning I also learned that the high winds that my friend (with whom my son was staying) equated to a French mistral - something just shy of a hurricane - were still gusting in New Jersey. The last thing I ever want to do is fly in turbulence. Yet our flight was scheduled to arrive mid-afternoon in Newark, New Jersey. I told my husband, as we sat in the airport, that I wanted to cancel my flight and sleep one more night in Miami - I was very scared. He said, "Go ahead, but I have to be in New York City tomorrow and I don't have a choice."

Before I knew it they called our flight for boarding. I knew all the other flights were booked and I found myself, against my will, joining the line for boarding the aircraft.

The flight was fine until we got to New Jersey. I knew something was odd. The terraine was not familiar indicating an unusual airport approach. The cloud formations indicated that there were not high winds above 5,000 feet which meant, to me, that the wind was closer to the ground. Sure enough, we made some very sharp, strange banks with the airplane and started coming down at a very high speed toward the runway. As we were about to land our plane was hit by sudden low wind sheer and it smashed us down to the runway. The wings began to wobble up and down out of the control. The pilot immediately aborted the landing and pulled us straight up back into the sky. We flew around in the turbulent air and then attempted a second landing. This time it worked - even though we hit the runway very hard. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, thanked God, and then thanked the pilot. My husband, who is in the airplane business, said it was the worst landing he had ever experienced...

So, I thank all my friends and students for being so insightful. Their intuitions were totally correct. Thank goodness they were brave enough to report their "unverifiable" intuitions.