Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How Do You Know When You've Entered the Matrix?

There is a great scene in the 1999 classic sci-fi movie "The Matrix" in which Keanu Reeves, who plays the protagonist, Neo, who has taken the "red pill," now sees the world for what it really is and not the artificial "Matrix" or computer-constructed dreamland designed to keep human beings from realizing they are nothing more than bio-batteries used to fuel the needs of the artificial intelligence and robots.

There is a very short sequence in the movie when Neo is on a secret mission with several of his revolutionary colleagues trying to disrupt the operation inside the artificial world of the Matrix without getting caught.  As their small group runs through the streets and back alleys, Neo is the only one to notice a small black cat that runs across the pathway.  He notices that the same black cat appears to have done the same action twice.  This would be a physical impossibility - running to the right side but reappearing again on the left side.

In the film, this sequence happens very quickly.  It is like a very subtle glitch.  It happens so imperceptibly that most people wouldn't notice it.

I am finding in the last several weeks that there have been several such repetitive-seeming glitches in my life.  This has led me to the sci-fi - but perhaps rational physics - explanation that something is being weirdly "adjusted" to our time line.  This has resulted in some odd glitches that should be there.

The first glitch occurred about two weeks ago.  I decided to take my normal walk outdoors and around the neighborhood.  It is a very suburban area and since everyone here in New Jersey is under orders to Shelter in Place since March 19, 2020, most of us don't have much to do in the way of physical exercise except to go outside and walk or bike.  Lots of people were out walking on that sunny day.  A thin gentleman with white hair passed me going the opposite direction on a bicycle with rather thick tires - kind of like a mountain bike.  I didn't know him but we both waved a friendly hello as we passed each other.  I continued walking and approximately one minute later, it appeared that the same gentleman with white hair on the bicycle passed me again - from the same direction!  This would have been an impossibility unless he had turned around, cycled past me from behind me, then turned around again and came towards me a second time.  Clearly, there hadn't been enough time for that and I would have noticed a bike coming from behind me - and there hadn't been any at all!  I

It disturbed my sense of reality so much after the second seemingly identical white-haired man rode past me on his bicycle, also with thick tires, and also waved at me and smiled, that I made a mental note in my head that he looked just like the (now deceased)character actor James Rebhorn who played roles in movies like "Meet the Parents."

Unless this neighbor (?) of mine had a twin, I don't know what could have explained this curious sensation that time had suddenly glitched in my reality!  As a weird synchronicity, the movie "Meet the Parents" played on TV that night and I saw the actor I had imagined as looking like the man on the bicycle.

So, what to make of this strangeness?  

For four days, I noticed there was an ant in the second floor bathroom.  Nothing particularly unusual for springtime in a house in the suburbs.  I felt oddly sorry the ant that seemed to be aimlessly wandering around in circles in the center of the room.  Unlike most other ants I have observed, it did not seem to have picked up on the scent of other ant trails and had no obvious sense of purpose.  I picked it up on a piece of paper and put it outside.  There were no other ants visible in the room.  The next day, there was another ant in exactly the same location with the same behavior.  And again, the next day.  And next day.  There was one additional ant.  They both walked aimlessly on the same tile as the first one.  I wondered if I had actually dreamed taking the first ant outside!  These ants were not behaving normally and simply seemed to "replace" the first one.

There have been other instances somewhat like these recently that have made me wonder if - while we are all safely out of the way and without prying eyes and isolated - that someone or some entity has, in fact, been playing with our spacetime fabric.  The telltale signs may be nothing more than a mundane black cat, a man bicycling, or an ant wandering around on the same tile in my bathroom for days.

I just don't know.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Emerging Global Need to Understand Time Travel

The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought into very sharp focus the need for all people to become far more away of time and how it works.  Most people treat time as if it is a product of their immediate sensory environment - as if time were like the air you breathe in your lungs or the light you see in the sky.  Time is treated as an immediate, sensory element.  This horrible pandemic has caught most of the world by surprise.  However, in retrospect, looking at various statistical models and graphs, you can literally watch the planet as it slowly starts to catch on fire with this disease.  The disease moves in a sequential, linear fashion through time as country by country has succumbed to its grip.

Most people think starfish are essentially inanimate creatures, like barnacles, that live at the bottom of the ocean.  True, you may occasionally catch one ever-so-slowly moving the tip of one of its arms, but its movements are rare.  They look like mere objects - inflexible exoskeletons.  I once watched a video of a group of starfish in the ocean that had been dramatically sped up in terms of time.  The film is astonishing.  Suddenly the true character of starfish comes to light.  They create homes, fight for territory, mate, hang around in pairs and groups, and move around with great speed.  They interact like living creatures that we know and understand - WITHIN OUR OWN CONCEPTION OF TIME.

COVID-19 needs to be viewed like these starfish.  

If we stop regarding time like an element of our immediate environment, and we begin to view it as a mutable perception of our environment, then we begin to be able to make valid predictions AHEAD of the immediate environmental sensations.  I have been making public predictions on my website, www.theskepticalpsychic.com, for over a decade.  I then try to match them up with real-time events to see if they were accurate or not.  I gather these predictions from various personal sources like visions, dreams, trends, intuition and shreds of logic and reality.  

Ultimately, the practice of making predictions allows you to voluntarily SPEED UP TIME.  It allows the person making the prediction to see beyond the immediate reality.  Why does humanity insist on only reacting at the very last minute to threats within its immediate zone of sensory perception?  We, as a global species, have responded in this very poor fashion to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is not merely a question of ignoring issues in favor of making quicker profits or poor government oversight, it is a problem of trusting our innate ability to perceive beyond the normal boundaries of time.

To make my point a bit more clear, allow me to explain how I personally responded to this crisis.  

In late November and early December, 2019, I remember I began tidying up all the loose ends in my life.  I didn't know why.  I've never done that before.  I didn't question my desire to do so.  It was just intuitive.  I made all my necessary doctors appointments, both regular and also for all the various surgeries and dental procedures I could anticipate as being necessary within a year.  

Starting in October, 2019, I told my husband we should sell our house. Nothing urgent.  Just a feeling it was time to move.  So we spent November, December, and January preparing to put the house on the market.  We packed our stuff, reorganized our storage rooms, eliminated clutter, painted rooms, repaired plumbing and electrical issues, sold unwanted stuff, and so on.  

I spoke, for the first time, with my grown children, at the Christmas dinner table on December 25, 2019, about my mortality and death.  We shared lots of much deeper thoughts and emotions as a family than we had ever done before. I knew I would be turning 65 in March, 2020, so perhaps there was some underlying anxiety about officially becoming a senior citizen, but why focus on death?

On December 31, China confirmed it was treating dozens of cases of a new virus. The news unsettled me.  Less than two weeks later, China announced the first known death associated with this new virus. On January 21, the first known case of COVID-19 was identified in a man in the State of Washington upon returning from China.  Two days later, on January 23, China quickly initiated the large national quarantine in history.  

I immediately started making several trips to the local grocery stores, office supply stores, home repair stores, and pharmacies, and began slowly stocking up on supplies.  I was not hoarding.  I did not grab more than my fair share of anything.  But I began buying extra toilet paper (now a precious commodity only a couple of months later that no one can find), paper towels, laundry detergent, bleach, disinfectants, acetaminophen, dry foods like grains, and frozen foods.  Every week I stocked up more.  I anticipated needing a minimum of a two month supply of everything.  I sent a "care package" to my son, a college student in Washington, DC, giving him a list of things to stock up on, and included a new thermometer, nut snacks, nitrile gloves, and a mask, since he is immunologically-challenged and was planning on flying for spring break to Miami in the first week of March - refusing to heed my advice and cancel it.  I called my daughter in New York City, and told her stock up on supplies.  

My point is - that by the third week in January I was preparing for what I KNEW would be a catastrophic pandemic in the United States within a month or so.  It boggles my mind that few if any Americans seem to have figured out the impending disaster at the same time I, an ordinary citizen, figured it out.  Today, I am living in the epicenter of the world's worst COVID-19 disaster area - New Jersey, just a half hour outside New York City.  Everyone in New Jersey, with its population of 8.9 million people and the most densely populated of all of the 50 American states, was given a "Shelter-in-Place" mandate on March 21.  I had been staying "sheltered" in my home and not going outside except three times for groceries FOR TWO MONTHS prior to this! 

So, how did I know this?

First, logically-speaking, I had never seen a country - particularly one as large as China - quarantine a massive and economically valuable territory such as the Wuhan territory.  To me, that was an instantaneous clue that something had gone horribly and secretly wrong.  I am quite certain COVID-19 is a biological warfare weapon that was either experimentally or accidentally deployed.  That seemed clear and obvious at that time.

Second, why quarantine unless the virus is so massively contagious that travel restrictions were the only possible way to contain it.  That gave more clues: 1) there is no current treatment and 2) it will easily escape territorial boundaries and migrate around the world in very little time.

Three, our politicians encouraged Americans not to worry about the few isolated cases in Washington State.  I knew this was the beginning of the American epidemic.  It was obvious.

These "logical" clues were made by trending out what is obvious.  They further cemented my purely "intuitive" sense of impending doom and disaster based on nothing rational at all but which was altering my decision-making.

My job is to see the future.  My job is to "play" with time.  I don't live 100 percent in the Present.  My consciousness is always "trending" out and extending into the Future all realities of the Present Time.  It is a little bit like having glasses to correct near-sightedness.  What appears either non-existent or unidentifiable to others, appears to me with great certainty and clarity.  It is a combination of intuition and logic.  Trust is essential.  

I was very moved when Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and top adviser to President Trump, told people in March, that the Shelter-in-Place rules were essential because - I wish I had his exact words here - we are not dealing in normal Time.  In other words, what we see today, in terms of the spread of the disease, is actually two weeks in the Past.  Why?  Because the COVID-19 virus has a 14 day lag time before symptoms begin to manifest.  That means we can be walking around without any symptoms, infecting lots of other people and spreading the disease, without any consequences until two weeks later.  

Essentially, Dr. Fauci was the first public official I have ever heard in my life, try to tell the American public about Time Travel.

I knew he was 100 percent correct.  He had explained the time issue correctly.  Our Present reality is actually our Past reality.  We need to learn how to get nimble and quick when reacting to certain small clues in our Present which indicate we may be existing in a different time zone.  Let this be an important lesson to all of us.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Alien "Miracle" Gift During Coronavirus Pandemic

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, I awoke from my sleep with my heart pounding.  This was unusual since I don't generally get nightmares anymore and almost never wake up with my heart pounding.  Furthermore, the dream fragment that I could remember was not frightening at all - merely "unusual."

It was a very, very short dream fragment - or let's call it a "dream" for the time being.  It was more vivid than my usual lucid dreams.  Most of my dreams these days are lucid - I remember them, they have a sense of being more "real" than a normal dream, and I am able to control them and am aware that I am dreaming.  This one was different.

I was standing in my kitchen in front of my sink and looking out the window facing the front of the house.  I think I was talking to a friend.  I noticed that a red helicopter was landing in my front yard. I was very surprised.  I said to my friend, "Don't they know they can't land a helicopter in my front yard?"

But the helicopter landed and a tall, very plain-looking, brown-haired man got out and walked to my front door.  I went to the door, opened it, and said, "Yes, can I help you?"

He didn't say a word but handed me a small package wrapped in brown paper.  It was about 5 inches long, 4 inches wide and an inch thick.  It was as heavy as lead - like a slab of heavy metal.  

I said, "What's this?"

He said, "You're going to need it."

I couldn't imagine why he was saying this.  I didn't "need" anything!  I have everything I could need.  The only thing, perhaps, would be a solution to my back problem.  In real life, I returned home from two weeks in August, 2019, at a Russian training in psychokinesis with a broken back.  We did boot-camp types of exercises every day for about 6 hours a day or longer.  They weren't rigorous, but I was in extreme pain from the first day.  Given the fact that the people training us had military backgrounds and the Russians have been known to have been leaders in developing psychotronic weapons, I was also concerned something may have been done to me.  We were treated like prisoners and when I returned home in severe pain I learned from three orthopedic and neurosurgeons that the bone in my back was indeed broken, the disk gone, the nerve impinged, and my spine completely unstable and almost detached!  I was told I would need major back surgery to fix the problem.  I was particularly reluctant to do this kind of surgery.  Anyway, that was the only thing I could think of in my dream that I might possibly "need."

As soon as he said this, I looked at him and in a moment of insight said, "You're not from here, are you?"

As soon as I said this, his entire body began to take on a slightly bluish hue of light and he became transparent.  His body began to glitch like a hologram.  Suddenly, his human form completely disappeared.  What was left in its place was virtually indescribable.  It was not human or anything I could recognize.  It was like a cluster of large blue orbs with some stringy things hanging down and simply floating in the air.  I knew immediately that this was some kind of light being alien.

Dream ends and I wake up with my heart pounding.

That day, February 20, I called a dear psychic friend of mine and told her about the dream.  

"What do you think was in that package?" she asked.

"I don't know.  The only thing I know is that it was 'heavy like lead' which means, in my interpretation, that it was definitely not lead but could be some sort of heavy metal."

"What about bismuth?" she asked.  "That's a heavy metal like lead."

I knew I had seen bismuth before - I studied a lot of geology and always loved rocks and crystals since I was a kid - but couldn't recall what it looked like.  So I quickly googled it and discovered that bismuth is a brittle, silver-colored metal which can actually form lovely "drawer-like" crystals and becomes pink, blue and iridescent when oxidized.  So, had this alien given me a package containing bismuth, I wondered?  

It occurred to me that some of the crystals I saw online looked amazingly like miniature spines with vertebrae - square crystals growing together.  What if you could regrow your spine?  

On February 21, I decided to do something extraordinary illogical - to buy 5 lbs of bismuth.  I somehow "knew" that I needed exactly 5 lbs.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

On February 26, it arrived in a small box.  I looked at the metal chunks - in three pieces - and simply left the box in my bedroom.

On February 27, I went downstairs to get my usual cup of coffee in the morning.  As I poured my coffee, I suddenly realized something extraordinary.  I was not experiencing pain.  For seven months, I had been in chronic pain, 24/7, regardless of whether I was walking, standing, sitting, lying down or sleeping.  I hurt my back to simply carry a cup of coffee and I would have to lie down and rest for at least a half hour after making my bed. I had literally forgotten the sensation of being pain-free.  It was beyond extraordinary!  As great as this was, I figured maybe it was a fluke.  Back pain tends to fluctuate.  There are good days and bad days.  I figured I would enjoy this good day as long as it lasted.

Today is March 19 - one month after my dream - and (miraculously) I am still not in pain!  I don't understand why.  Suddenly, I am able to walk two miles a day and I can carry heavy items - carefully, yes, but without repercussions.  It literally feels like my lower spine somehow "snapped" back into place.  Previous X-rays and scans showed that my spine was literally 50 percent disconnected - without the bone or disk to hold it in place - and so was highly unstable.  Little did I know when the alien told me that I would "need this" - whatever it was - that within days the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic would begin sweeping through the United States.  

Recall that back on February 19, when I had this dream, CNN was reporting on the coronavirus that was almost exclusively limited to Wuhan, China. We weren't worried about it in the US.  On that day, CNN reported:

"The global death toll from coronavirus has risen to at least 2,120, with eight deaths reported outside of mainland China. Hong Kong and Iran have each reported two deaths from coronavirus. Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and France have each reported one death."

The first case of coronavirus in the United States occurred on January 19 on the other side of the country in Washington State.  I live a half hour outside New York City in New Jersey.  Everyone was, at that time, hopeful that American medicine and technology would quickly dispose of it the way we did with Ebola and SARS.  

As late as February 29, there were only three reported cases in the United States and the first death that day.  

Today, March 19, reports say there have been more than 11,000 cases reported in the United States, 168 deaths, and New York City is now ablaze with the virus with roughly a third of the nation's reported cases.  Quarantines, nightly curfews and mandatory "shelter-in-place" rules have been implemented in a majority of states.  All restaurants, bars, nightclubs, sports events, theatre events,concerts and gatherings of 10 or more people have been banned.  Schools and universities are closed indefinitely.  The CDC and President Trump have issued dire warnings about the lack of supplies, masks, gloves, oxygen equipment and vital technology to protect the vulnerable US public.  Reports now indicate that between 10 to 14 percent of people in my age bracket will die of this virus.

Thankfully, and knowing that I needed to stock up on supplies in the event of such quarantines, I did a massive amount of grocery shopping over the last three weeks.  Because my back has been suddenly and miraculously "healed," I was able to carry 10 big  bottles of bleach, detergent, and cleaners, and probably about 50 heavy bags of groceries.  I was able to clear the dishwasher, wash dishes, and other previously painful work without any problem.  A miracle.

The alien handed me whatever this gift of a heavy metal saying I was going to need it.  It was a lifesaver, in fact.  My angel.