Thursday, October 21, 2010

My New Book Explains Psychic Ability

According to Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic Magazine, the reason why skeptics have, for very good and sound reasons, refused to acknowledge the validity of "psi" ability is no one has been able to explain why or how it functions within the brain. In his article "Why Most Scientists Do Not Believe in ESP or Psi Phenomena," he states:

"The deeper reason scientists remain unconvinced of psi is that there is no theory for how psi works [modus operandi]. Until psi pro­ponents can elucidate how thoughts generated by neurons in the senders brain can pass through the skull and into the brain of the receiver, skepticism is the appropriate response, as it was for continental drift sans plate tectonics. Until psi finds its Darwin, it will continue to drift on the fringes of science."

This is exactly why I wrote my recently published 440-page book entitled "Psychic Intuition" - now available on my website, and (and also Kindle format). My book explains how psychic ability works, what it is and is not (because most skeptics don't understand what it really is or involves), and why skeptics and psychics literally do not share the same reality and so, in a sense, they are both correct.

I have interviewed many of the world's most famous neuroscientists, physicians, psychics, artists, artificial intelligence experts, physicists, military experts, psychologists, and others involved in the field of intuition. The entire purpose of my book was to create a bridge of understanding between skeptics and believers, scientists and psychics. I lay a simple scientific foundation so that even die-hard skeptics can appreciate the direction I take. The book is loaded with scientific studies, research, and analysis, as well as my own personal anecdotal stories to illustrate different aspects of psychic ability, and terminates with my highly original theory. And yes, I offer a neurological theory for the existence of psychic ability! The bottom line is that we have innate psychic ability, most of us lose it for a series of reasons, but the good news is that it is indeed a trainable skill.

I hope all skeptics will check out my book and I am interested in your feedback!