Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Island Statues Have Bodies!

I figured it was befitting of the Easter holiday to talk about Easter Island, the most remote location on earth populated by human beings, 2,500 miles to the west of the coast of Chili in South America.  The gigantic stone heads dotting the landscape of the island are as famously mysterious as the pyramids of Egypt or Peru, or Stonehenge in England.  There are 887 such stone heads (or heads and shoulder) statues located all around the perimeter of the rugged landscape of the island.  These "Easter Island heads" are known as "moai."  They were created between the years of 1250 to 1500, a period which coincided with the last trees that lived on the island.  It is believed that most of these large heads were deification of the ancesters of the various clan members, Polynesian colonizers, who inhabited the island.  The heaviest moai weighs 86 tons and the tallest is nearly 33 feet tall.  The average size of the moai is about 14 feet tall and weighs nearly 13 tons. They are carved from tuff, a kind of compressed volcanic ash, basalt, and red scoria.  By 1868, all of the standing moai had been toppled.  The oral histories differ - some say the clans toppled the statues and others say it was the result of earthquakes.

Of course, there are the usual theories about how the primitive clansmen were able to move these massive statues.  Just as it is said of the Egyptians moving the multi-ton stone blocks to form the pyramids and the Central and South American natives who also managed to move massive stone structures, it has been suggested that the Easter Island inhabitants used a similar system of ropes, pulleys, wooden sleds or logs, and lots of human muscle to move these enormous statues and erect them at locations all around the island.  However, in recent years many researchers have attempted to create mock recreations of these efforts using stone replicas and, to date, no one has been successful. 

What comes to mind immediately are all of the recent ancient alien theories which have suggested that primitive peoples were able to perform these extraordinary tasks because they were being helped by technologies given to them by extraterrestrial alien species.  The strongest arguments in favor of this theory, in my opinion, are the extraordinary stone structures and temple ruins at Puma Punka in the Bolivian highlands.  There are archeological ruins of structures made of enormous finely cut stones, fitted together without the use of mortar, with perfectly matched hole corings and in some places so perfectly fitted that one cannot push a sheet of paper or a razer blade between the stone blocks.  Moreover, the stones were made of granite and diorite - only diamond is harder - and these rocks could therefore only have been cut with diamond!  And how were they transported?  One of these rocks weighed 800 tons! 

Were the inhabitants of Easter Island, Bolivia, and Egypt privy to some kind of alien technology?  It has been suggested, since the traditional notions of ropes and pulleys seems so completely ridiculous, that perhaps these enormous blocks of stone and statues were somehow floated into place using high-tech concepts of sound waves or electromagnetic manipulations?  As crazy as that sounds, it really doesn't sound that much crazier than suggesting ropes and pulleys!

What struck me about the Easter Island heads was that I had always been under the (mistaken) impression that they were just statues of heads without bodies.  The recent excavasions have shown, as in the photo above, that many of what were previously thought to be just heads or head and shoulders, were actually connected to bodies which were buried deep underground.  So what does that suggest?  Were these statues intentionally buried?  Maybe like the famous "Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses" buried with the First Chinese emperor in 210–209 BC and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife? 


Was it some kind of natural erosion?  Or, perhaps more likely, were these statues literally built from the rocks in the ground like the twin temples of Abu-Simbel in Southern Egypt?

Certainly that would solve some of the transportation questions.  But why bury the bodies and leave the heads exposed?  The location of these statues around the perimeter of the island clearly suggests a ring of "protection" - perhaps, like the dead, these "bodies" were buried and yet the spiritual heads were left to "watch" and "guard" the inhabitants.  The one noted peculiarity of the heads is that they are oversized in relation to the size of their bodies.  The head had powers. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Invisible Dead Spot in New York City

Every once in a while I have a dream that I am pretty sure wasn't a dream.  I had one of those a few days ago.  The dream made reference to a dream I had apparently had earlier in the night about some famed "Dead Spot" in the center of New York City.  This was an actual location inside Manhattan which was somehow supernaturally shielded from vision and yet existed, like a time warp inside a bubble, right in the heart of New York.  Within this famed "Dead Spot," there was reputed to be an old museum with a ghost of a famous New Yorker. 

But before I continue, let me give you some real life background about me.

I lived in New York for nearly 25 years in real life.  Last month, on February 2, 2013, I was sad to learn that former three-term New York Mayor Ed Koch had passed away.  It was the end of an era.  His time as mayor dominated the time I lived in New York.  He was mayor from 1978-1989, always highly controversial, rode the subways like a normal New Yorker, and was quick to make a typical New Yorker type of comment (e.g. "If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.").  I had the opportunity to interview him once at City Hall as a young reporter and owner of a small newspaper specialized in the health care industry.  He was alot tougher and more arrogant in person than his happy-go-lucky public persona.  Still, I scored a major coup.  I managed to get him to answer a question that all of the heavy-hitter newspaper and television journalists had been desperately trying to get him to answer for months - namely, whether he intended to shut down four hospitals serving the poorest population in New York to save the City from bankruptcy.  It was a political hot potato.  He admitted to me, on tape, that was indeed his intention.  His aide apparently realized the Mayor's error and, as soon as the interview was over, tried to get me to hand over the tape.  Of course I refused.  Interestingly,  the next morning, the tape (which I had carefully put at the back of my desk drawer in my office) was missing and never found again.

In my dream, I was led by Mayor Koch to a place in somewhere in Manhattan.  He said he was going to show me the "Dead Spot" I had heard so much about (in my earlier dream that night).  We got to a block where the sidewalk bordered a very tall brick wall or side of a building.  At the very base of this wall there was a 4 inch tall crack.  Koch said, "Follow me inside" and he promptly flattened his body like a piece of paper and slid under the crack.  He was followed by my ex-husband, also a political person and who died in 2003, who flattened himself and zoomed under the crack.  I stood there, exasperated, and said, "Well, I can't do that!  I'm carrying all these shopping bags! How am I supposed to get in?"  It was as if I had to become two-dimensional in order to enter the "Dead Spot" hidden behind this wall where normal New Yorkers would pass by it every day and never notice its existence. 

My husband, who was standing next to me, said, "Don't worry, I will get us inside.  He made special arrangements and a security guard opened an invisible door in the brick wall and let us pass through a subway-like turnstyle, in our fully three-dimensional bodies, and then closed the door behind us.  Now we found ourselves in some kind of a marble lobby or subway area surrounded by crowds of people.  We walked out the back door and found ourselves out in the streets of New York again, except that it felt as though we had walked into a strange time warp.  It was completely silent.  There were no people.  The buildings were smaller, and it looked like New York City from the 1930's.  The roads were cobblestone.  I said to my husband, "This must be the Dead Spot!  We're in it!  Look, we are surrounded by Manhattan but you can't enter this space from any of the streets!"  It was as if we were located in an invisible bubble, in another dimension, inside New York City itself. 

We walked through the streets, the sounds of our footsteps reverberating in the total silence, and approached a building that looked like a town hall or library.  I said, "This must be the museum that has the ghost in it!  Let's go inside and see if we can find the ghost."  So we entered in the back of the building (Isn't it interesting that every time we entered a space it was through the back of a building...) and went inside.  I lost sight of my husband, and began walking alone through a series of endless hallways, staircases and corridors that began to take on a slightly carnival-like appearance with big broad stripes and halls of mirrors.  The dream degenerated, and eventually I met up with him at the front of the building, not having found the ghost. The dream ends.

My interpretation:  I believe I was met by the spirits of former Mayor Koch and my ex-husband who offered to take me to the realm of the dead.  I could not enter this world as they did, since I am not dead, and was given special permission, as a psychic medium, to enter through an invisible door.  I was still carrying the "baggage" of a living human being.  Everything on the "Other Side" was backwards to this world, like a mirror image, I was able to visit a real space that exists concurrent with and inside New York City which is literally invisible to most folks.  The sensation of the time-warped space and the distinct silence were very strong.  I looked for a specific ghost but could not find him, and became increasingly disoriented and confused the longer I stayed in this Dead Spot, probably because, as a living person, I was not meant to spend much time there.  Interestingly, a good friend of mine from the Western U.S. who is very psychic, as soon as I told her this dream, said, "Yes, the place you call the Dead Spot actually exists!  I have seen it and felt it.  It is somewhere on Ninth Avenue!"  If anyone else has had any experience with a Dead Spot in New York, please tell me about it!

POSTSCRIPT (April 1, 2013) - I was watching TV this morning when a movie came on called "Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close" which, as I recalled from movie previews a long time ago, was a movie about an autistic boy whose father died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.  Having been living Manhattan at the time and traumatized by the event, I had absolutely no desire to ever see that movie.  However, before I could turn off the TV, I listened to the boy's father's words to him before he died (roughly paraphrased): "Son, one day there existed a 6th borough of New York which was located in Central Park in midtown Manhattan.  One day it mysteriously floated away and disappeared.  You must find it."  Those words stopped me dead in my tracks.  Was this the "Dead Spot" in my dream?  I forced myself to watch the entire movie (much against my will since I cannot watch anything to do with 9/11).  It was a haunting movie about people searching for dead people and ultimately ending their searches with tiny clues left behind for the living.  I cried as I recalled my own experiences of that day.  The photos I tried so hard not to see of people jumping out of the burning World Trade Center.  At the end of the movie, the boy finds the last clue left by his father, as he sits in Central Park, and the father's note refers to the lost 6th Borough of Manhattan where he has gone now.  Obviously, the lost 6th Borough is the land of the dead.  My "Dead Spot" in the "heart" of Manhattan.  Strange to watch your dreams play out months later in real life...  Very strange.