Sunday, January 6, 2013

Who Are The "Men in Black"?

Strangely - or not! - my computer has refused to allow me to add a photo to this blog.  This has never happened before.  Perhaps it has something to do with the nature of the blog I intend to write.  Stranger things have happened.  So be it.  No picture.

My topic is the famous "Men in Black" - known to many of you through its most publicized Hollywood version that fantastic movie by the same name released in 1997.  It has always been one of my favorite movies.  The two protagonists, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, are a kind of CIA-style operatives protecting earth from various bad aliens and monitoring immigration of good aliens.  Once they return to "normal" life their memories of this entire subculture alien world that co-exists with our "normal" world is erased. 

Having recently been exposed to some excellent books written by some of ufology's finest investigative journalists, particularly Jacques Valle, John Keel and Colin Wilson, I am now trying to process an enormous amount of mind-boggling, paradigm-shattering, difficult-to-digest information about the so-called "alien influence" on our modern world.  All three of these amazing ufologists demonstrates through detailed documentation of hundreds of case studies (the ones reported in their books are just the tip of the iceberg) that 1) we are not alone, 2) the interactions of ETs with humans bears striking similarity those found in the secular paranormal and religious spirt worlds, and 3) there is a growing body of evidence - as horrifying and patently unbelievable as it seems at first - that we humans are being manipulated on a grand scale.

John Keel ("Why UFOs:Operation Trojan Horse"/"The Mothman Prophesies") talks alot about how various strange men, always dressed in black suits, show up after there has been some kind of UFO contact or interaction, to advise the contactees never to discuss their experiences with anyone.  These "men in black" have been documented by many writers and witnessed by people I have interviewed.  Likewise, in UFO interactions, there are often a whole host of other mysterious characters who seem to show up out of no where - very often they are paramilitary men driving unmarked cars or Air Force officers who require the contactees to be debriefed and evidence to be confiscated or journalists who are later found never to have existed. 

There are most certainly high levels of government interest in the UFO phenomena since, by definition, no matter how superficially ridiculous it seems, there are too many worldwide reports now circulating by thousands of sane individuals that the government could simply ignore as a question of national security.  But, that being said, very little has been said about the growing possibility that these "Men in Black" or presumed military/government officials may actually be alien imposters.  While you might logically expect anyone in top secret military activities to maintain a high level of security and invisibility, there are certain things that do not make sense in many of these cases.  Evidence disappears; others do not see what others see; addresses and license plates vanish; real objects morph; electronic events that cannot be explained by experts; mail is mysteriously rerouted; and so on. 

It leads to the obvious (but sickeningly unrealistic) question: Are our governments and our military (Air Force included) being impersonated by aliens?  Seem impossible?  Would you know if you met an alien on the street?  How would you tell the difference?  Read the literature.  There are some tell-tale signs!  This theory suggests that the growing gap between the American public and UFO enthusiasts, and the U.S. government/military stance on the non-existence of UFOs, ETs, and alien abductions, is actually being fomented by an alien intelligence capable of mind manipulation and hallucinogenic reality-alteration.  Shape shifting - a topic previously reserved for South American Indian shamen - may be a talent utilized by alien intelligence to create Air Force and military humanoid imposters!! 

Mind boggling?  Certainly.  Insane?  Sure seems like it.  But for those of you who dare to challenge your most cherished grasp on reality, force yourself to read documented accounts of encounters that suggest "Men in Black" may not be as human as we all assumed.