Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Is There a Relationship Between Head Injury and Psychic Powers?

There are several phenomena that are known - or at least suspected - of increasing psychic powers.  These include: traumatic brain injury, near death experience and alien contact.  And so I wondered, are there any common threads among these three phenomena? 

On July 17, 2018 (one month ago) I suffered a severe head injury as a result of a slip-and-fall while putting away groceries - specifically, a carton of 24 water bottles - in my kitchen after a thunderstorm.  Naturally, the wood floor was wet and I was wearing flip flops which had very bald soles.  As I was carrying the heavy carton when both my legs went flying upwards and, rather than falling backwards on my head, I managed to suddenly stabilize but whiplashed my head forward into the corner of a door frame.  I heard my skull crack loudly, and then I fell backwards soaked in blood. I couldn't see out of my left eye.  At the emergency room, they gave me five stiches for a one inch long gash from my eyelid through my eyebrow.  The CT scan showed I was not bleeding in the brain and my skull wasn't fractured.  All good, I was sent home to rest and stay off electronics (blue flickering light aggravates the brain).  I slept most of the time for the first two weeks. 

During this recovery period, I had a lot of time to think (since I was forbidden from essentially using my physical body or my brain from exercising).  What I found was that the moment I closed my eyes, if only for a second, I was immediately transported into another reality.  The other reality had the quality of being deep inside a dream.  I could be asleep in the blink of an eye.  It reminded me of the days of pulling all-nighters in college and having everything feel slightly hallucinogenic in the wee hours of the morning. Slowly, over time, this sensation lessened.  My speech was slow and studied.  My recall of words and events was sluggish.  I couldn't tolerate people interrupting me during my efforts to put together a few sentences because I would forget what I was talking about.  My brain felt like mush.  I had difficulty focusing or concentrating.  My brain would wander off on unrelated imagery that had no words. 

I began to wonder if my head injury would be beneficial or detrimental to, not only my ability to function normally in life, but also to my psychic abilities.  I was very aware of the possibility that trauma to the brain could cause psychic abilities to emerge where none had previously existed.  There is the famous case of the Dutchman, Peter Hurkos (1911-1988), who fell off a ladder at the age of 30 and went into a coma.  He emerged with allegedly amazing psychic powers and worked solving criminal cases around the world.  I have known a number of people - friends and colleagues - who suffered head injuries and suddenly manifested psychic abilities.  But what about the reverse?  Could a head injury destroy psychic abilities once they had manifested?  I was worried about that. 

I began to realize the nature of the relationship between head injury and psychic ability.  I believe it has to do with the inability to think much further beyond than the present moment.  Even the present moment can seem fleeting and is overlaid with a dreamlike quality.  When we are "normal," we have the ability to think about the future.  It is a form of logic combined with memory.  When we have had an injury, we can't do this very well.  We are stuck in the present moment.  Our logic doesn't function well without the help of our memory - we can't remember what we were thinking about two seconds ago!  We live in a realm of wordless images.  Nonsense becomes the norm.  Everything gets slowed down.  Each moment becomes larger and more full of information.  Strangely, these are all the conditions I have talked and written about that are prerequisites to learning how to become psychic.  Clearly, the brain begins to accept and access new pathways to "connect the dots" of reality when it cannot think "clearly" (i.e. logically).

My conclusion for my own prognosis is that my "brain fog" is slowly disappearing and I am approaching my sense of who I was prior to my accident.  I have done some psychic work during this recovery period and have been pleasantly surprised to see that I have been more "resigned" or "relaxed" to accessing accurate psychic data successfully.  So, the good news is that I don't think my injury has diminished my skills - and may have slightly expanded them.

As for the well-documented relationship between psychic abilities and near death experiences ("NDE"s) and alien contact, I think the relationship may also lie in the ability of the brain to switch its "context" of reality.  I have many friends and colleagues who have experienced both.  As far as it relates to NDEs, I know many people who have had anywhere from one to five NDEs in their lifetimes.  Most have developed psychic skills to some degree.  I also have many friends and colleagues who have experienced alien contact/abductions, and thereafter manifested psychic skills or experienced paranormal phenomena.  In both cases, NDE and alien contact, I believe the "thinking" portion of the brain (left hemisphere, particularly temporal lobe, and prefrontal cortex) are apparently switched off.  During an NDE, there is often little or no electrical brain activity.  During an alien abduction, humans are frequently placed in deep trance-like states of suspended animation or their brains are manipulated through sophisticated mind control techniques to either suffer total amnesia or an artificial memory (known as "screen memories").  This is often done while strange surgical procedures are conducted on board a craft. 

In both cases, the brain is heavily implicated.  The subject experiences a dreamlike reality that seems to exist as an unseen dimensional layer on top of our "normal" reality.  Most discussions about this type of experience tend to end up in a discussion about spirituality.  But, when you consider the reduction in brain activity in all three situations (brain injury, NDE, alien abduction), and the resultant increase in psychic perceptions, it suggests to me that there is a common thread.  Mere dreaming does not bring on psychic abilities in people.  It requires a full shut-down of mental faculties and then a reboot.  I don't claim to have the answers for this and simply hope that scientists will grasp the commonalities I have expressed here and conduct further research.