Monday, July 3, 2017

What Happens When Bio-Electricity Interferes With Technology?

In recent days I seem to be transforming into one of those people who suffers from strange electronic events.  Inexplicable electronic interruptions of my various technology have reached new heights of strangeness.  I have watched these electronic malfunctions occur with increasing frequency over the last few years - I was never one of those people who claimed to not be able to touch a light bulb or a telephone without breaking it - and I am beginning to see correlations I cannot totally explain.

Two days ago, the day got off to an unusual start when I received a text directed to me and nine other individuals (including my husband, son, daughter, my husband's brother in France, and several other friends in the U.S. and California who don't know each other, plus one unidentified person).  My husband had texted "Liked an image" but there was no image to be found.  Furthermore, he denied ever seeing or reading this text mail.  Everyone was uniformly confused. 

Then, a bit later in the morning, my cell phone decided to start making calls all by itself!  My cell phone called a friend of mine in New Jersey and then my daughter in New York.  I was not near the phone at the time it decided to dial them.  They were as confused as I was. 

A bit later, I did a reading for a client via my landline.  As we were discussing an issue involving my client's attorney, a woman's voice suddenly broke in to our line.  I was surprised but figured perhaps there was a woman somewhere else in his house who had accidentally picked up the phone.  She seemed to be talking to someone else.  It was like the old days when a third party could occasionally be heard talking when the phone lines got crossed.  That hasn't happened to me in about 40 years.  Anyway, my client suddenly recognized her voice and identified her as the paralegal from his attorney's office.  She asked why he had called her.  He said he had not called her because he was, in fact, on another phone call (with me)!  All three of us were very confused.  My client later explained to me that it would have been impossible for him to have called her since he hadn't touched his phone and didn't have a clue how to make a conference call. 

My cell phone which is programmed to ring with the volume (on high) receives calls from people without ringing at all.  Occasionally my calls to other people does not result in their phones ringing either.  Why?

My computer, iphone and ipad then seemed to go on strike.  All three refused to let me get onto my regular websites or look at my emails for no obvious reason.  The service seemed not just sluggish, like bad internet connection, but sporadic and irrational.  I could get online only after repeated attempts. I was very frustrated because I couldn't do my work.  Even as I write this now, my computer strangely reverts to previous fonts without any rhyme or reason and error messages continue to pop up.

That afternoon, my son was about to go out after having washed his shoulder-length hair without drying it.  I offered, for the first time, to blow dry his hair.  We went to my bathroom and I started drying his hair with my blow dryer.  Within minutes, the hair dryer blew out the entire breaker circuit in the bathroom and upstairs hallways.  This was strange because I have much longer, thicker hair and have blown my hair dry with this hair dryer in this bathroom for many years with absolutely no problem.  We reset the breaker, tried it again, and the dryer blew the circuit again.  It seemed like everything electrical I touched - physically - was refusing to cooperate.  It has worked just fine since then - so it doesn't seem to have been a problem with the dryer or the circuit!

Later, when I turned on a ceiling light in a hallway in a different part of the house (on a different breaker), the light bulb blew out.  Coincidence?

For several years I have noticed a very loud "cracking" noise in my bedroom at night.  At first it came from my desktop computer.  I thought it must be heat related - perhaps too much sunlight on the monitor or trapped heat in the computer components.  However, a couple of years ago, my husband installed a flat screen TV in the room.  Almost immediately the cracking noise ceased to come from the computer and started coming from the new TV.  Again, I tried to rationalize the noise.  However, the strange thing is that the noise has gotten louder and louder to the point that it actually wakes me up several times every night. It is unrelated to the temperature in the room or the length of time the TV has been on or off.  I have begun to believe this "cracking" noise is the sound of either spirits or other entities breaking the "veil" to communicate with me.  There are many times when I telepathically ask questions and ask for answers in the form of "one crack means yes" and "two cracks means no" and seem to receive "answers."  Not definitive yet - just a lurking possibility.

Yes, I have also noticed a tendency of street lights to go on or off just as I drive underneath them.  I know this is a common experience for many UFO experiencers.  While this seems to happen with relative frequency to me (as opposed to others I have asked), I am not yet convinced this is a real phenomenon.

While these all seem to be strange and unrelated events, I am no longer so sure... I believe my bioenergy has begun to synch to some degree with other electrical "events" and may be causing some of these weird malfunctions.  Perhaps it is an indication of a "gathering" of energy within our increasingly intrusive and ubiquitous electromagnetic fields in our everyday environment.  Perhaps my psychic or UFO work has initiated this electrical increase.  But the bottom line is that I am concerned that soon I won't be able to handle any electrical items without blowing them out! 

Anyone else have a similar issue?