Thursday, February 21, 2019

What Are Super-Recognizers?

I have a very embarrassing handicap: I am virtually unable to remember names or faces of people when I meet them.  There are people in my town to whom I have been introduced as many as seven times!  Each time I see them at a party or some local event, I smile, extend my hand for a handshake and introduce myself.  "Hi!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Nancy."  I am usually met with a slight jiggle in the eyes, an increased tightening of the mouth, and a flat, humorless acknowledgement like, "Yes, I know.  We've already been introduced several times..."  It is horribly embarrassing and makes me feel like an idiot - not to mention it makes other people think I am an arrogant snob. 

Yes, I have tried all those mnemonic devices to remember names.  I have, for years, been careful to repeat the person's name upon being introduced to them.  I repeat their names in my mind and try to imprint it on their face.  But I am simply hopeless.  Since I can't remember their faces, trying to match a name with a face is useless.  It has nothing to do with whether they are important to me or not.  It has to do with the fact that I simply can't remember their identity.  I often wonder how I survived several decades of being in charge of sales for my businesses and, at one point, attending up to 20 trade shows a year. 

If it were just names or just faces that I couldn't remember, then perhaps I would have a head start.  But both just evaporate. 

It's not just regular people.  I can't even recognize movie stars or United States presidents when I pass them on the street! (I have walked right by movie star Sylvester Stallone, rock star Mick Jagger and President Gerald Ford on the street and would never have known unless my friends hadn't jabbed me with their elbow and told me). Somehow these people just look different.  Either they are much smaller, taller, older, different hair, or whatever.  They just don't look like my memory of them.

While writing my book "Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know" (2012), I ran across a relatively rare neurological condition called  prosopagnosia - or, "face blindness."  People with this condition are absolutely unable to recognize faces.  The only way they can distinguish between people is if they have a beard, mustache, wear a hat, have a tattoo, or some other non-facial characteristic.  It suddenly occurred to me that I probably have a mild case of prosopagnosia.  I actually took an online test and scored high enough to indicate that I do suffer from this condition.  In some respects, it was at least reassuring that I wasn't just some idiot.  Moreover, it confirmed my pet theory to explain my deficiency - namely, that perhaps the facial recognition area of my brain that is hard-wired into everyone had been hijacked by other very important intellection or perceptual functions.

You can imagine my surprise when, today, I ran across an article stating the British law enforcement officials at Scotland Yard employed a certain type of high-performing individuals called "Super-Recognizers."  These people have a much higher than average ability to recognize the faces of people - even if they haven't seen them for many years or are looking at very fuzzy, low definition photos from security cameras. 

To me, this may represent yet another currently unidentified "sense" or "sensory ability" just like people known as "super tasters" (35 percent of women and 15 percent of men) who are able to experience tastes that are outside the "normal" range of taste for the average human being.  This includes tasting the capsaicin burn in chili peppers, the bitterness of quinine in tonic water, and a more pronounced salty taste in olives.  ("Psychic Intuition" p. 95).

It is also similar to a group of people who can literally see more colors than the average person.  These people are called  tetrachromatic, as opposed to trichromatic, because they have four (not three) color detecting cones in their retinas.  (See "Psychic Intuition" p.97)  They can see 100 million more shades of color than the average human being!  The vast majority of tetrachromatics are women (2-3 percent of all women). 

So, to return to my issue of "face-blindness" versus "super-recognizers" - I think that I must suffer from a sensory deficiency.  This is the place where - as I point out in my book - the senses interface with the mind/intellect. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Project Blue Beam Dream

For those of you in the UFO world, you are likely already familiar with a well-known and intriguing "conspiracy theory" known as Project Blue Beam.  In a nutshell, it was first proposed by a Canadian Serge Monast in 1994 and appeared in his book "Project Blue Beam: NASA."  Without going into too much detail, the idea is that The Powers That Be (TPTB) - originating with NASA and any shadow government/cabal allies - will attempt to slowly restructure the various religious beliefs in the world by developing fake archeological evidence and then promote a global crisis and panic of an invasion by "evil" UFOs and aliens or of their artificially created respective deities.  This next step would be allegedly accomplished by creating holographic visions of the invaders or miraculous visions of religious icons coming from the skies using earth-based lasers.  The end goal would be to unite all peoples of the earth by making them feel they had "heard" a message from their God or to frighten everyone causing everyone to unite under a single authoritarian world government.  This government would then seize power as the New World Order.

There have, in fact, been some interesting "holograms" of things like an entire cityscape that appeared in the clouds in China a few years ago - suggesting, at least, that such magnificent visions could be created and give the appearance of something unearthly and miraculous. 

Let me say, at this point, that while I find conspiracy theories and their historic origins fascinating, I am always wary of their validity.  While I have seen lots of interesting information that might tend to confirm a Project Blue Beam type of a plan, I have no way of knowing its truth.  I just keep the information tucked under my hat for a later date. 

I bring this up because I have not spent much time ever thinking about Project Blue Beam.  I do not know the people involved in promoting the theory.  I may have watched a few YouTube videos many years ago on the subject.  Apart from that, Project Blue Beam has not been on my mind consciously or even subliminally to my knowledge.

Last night, I found it very difficult to sleep.  My body temperature felt abnormally hot and I slept fitfully. (No, I don't have a fever).  I remember a "two part" dream.  The first part was absolutely bizarre and I felt like I was fighting to get out of my dream because it was so disjointed and uncomfortable.  What I remember (without many details) is that I was being "spoken to" by several "aliens."  They were talking to me, not in English, but in their own language.  They were warning me that the government was about to launch its Project Blue Beam holographic alien invasion scenario, and I should not believe it, and I should warn others.  The strange thing was that they were talking to me in their "alien" language.  I couldn't understand it in my dream and yet they were almost yelling at me!  They were trying to make me understand - and so I had to sit there and listen to them.  All I really wanted to do was to get up and get out of my dream.  Their language was harsh-sounding, full of strong consonant sounds. 

I remember the "words" or "sounds" of "nid" and "nic." 

When I managed to briefly wake up out of my dream, to my great relief, because I was feeling terribly anxious, I allowed myself to go back to sleep.  This time the "aliens" were gone and I was now being fed the propaganda of the U.S. government, attempting to explain to me in much more gentle tones and much more logically, in English, that this whole Project Blue Beam thing was a hoax and a figment of my imagination.  At a certain point, this dream became equally disturbing, and I work up again.

When I work up this morning, the first thing I did was to look at my smart phone.  The first thing I saw was a text message from a friend of mine - a college classmate and fellow attorney with an interest in UFOs with his own regular CE-5 UFO watch group.  He asked if I would do him a favor and be a guest on his radio podcast ( this evening (on virtually no notice).  He suggested I speak about my book "How To Talk to an Alien" (New Page/Career Press, 2015).  Although I continue to do some radio interviews, I have not spoken about that book or discussed the topic on the radio for several years.  Nor have I discussed it recently with anyone in my private life. 

The coincidence of having just heard "alien languages" in my dream and my friend's request to talk about alien languages tonight struck me as extremely strange...  A synchronicity perhaps.  Or perhaps I am just a vehicle for someone else's message who cannot speak really good English...  Not sure.

Then I decided to look up the "words" nid and nic and see if they might mean anything in English or as acronyms for something significant.  Turns out, while these are acronyms for several things, "nid" stands for "Naval Intelligence Division," "National Intelligence Director," and "National Intelligence Daily," and "nic" stands for "Naval Intelligence Command," "Naval Intelligence Center (US Dod) and "Naval Information Center."  This, in turn, makes me wonder if the only reason why I could remember these alien "words" was because they were the actual English words or references used in their language.  For anyone not familiar with the fascinating world of UFOs, the Navy (not the Air Force) has been primarily responsible for the collection of UFO data over the decades.  These "words" referring to Navy intelligence seemed particularly interesting...

So I can only say, perhaps there is a Project Blue Beam event on our horizon, and we should all be aware of the different players involved...