Sunday, December 29, 2019

Triple Threat Mind Reader

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As an attorney, I am required to take Continuing Legal Education (CLE) every couple of years in order to maintain my licenses in New York and New Jersey.  This year I realized very late that I had to fulfill all my requirements before 2020 rolled around.  So I loaded up on all my courses and took them at the last minute in between Christmas shopping, cooking holiday meals, and picking up my kids at bus stations.  

It requires a ridiculous amount of juggling between the staggered years and different credit requirements n order to fulfill the requirements of these two states.  It is like trying to figure out a jigsaw puzzle.  Long story short, I managed to find five CLE courses - in webinar format - that satisfied all requirements for both states in terms of legal credits and ethical credits.  

Over the decades of doing this, I have learned that most of these courses - usually led by local attorneys and local bar association committee leaders - are informative but phenomenally boring.  It seems that even litigators and trial attorneys seem to have a problem making law "fun" to learn.  These classes are mostly loaded with endless citations to local, state and federal statutes, and court decisions, with which all of the non-specialists in those fields are presumed to be intimately familiar.  There is a lot of pretentious droning on and on about the legal impact of various decisions ranging from landmark to unpublished court decisions.  I have come to tolerate this as some kind of legal racket for the bar associations to make money.

This time around I fulfilled my last requirement (a 7-hour long class taught by only one lawyer and not a panel of lawyers) called "Successfully Deposing the Vague or Emphatically Certain Witness: Getting What You Need Out of 'I Don't Know,' 'I Do Know' and 'I Don't Remember.'"  The basic concept was to teach how to recognize and neutralize witness deception during pre-trial depositions as well as cross-examination of a witness at trial.  It was a fascinating topic.  The lawyer teaching the course, Robert Musante, turned out to be a self-proclaimed teacher more than a practicing lawyer.  He was absolutely riveting and despite having a nasty flu, he managed to talk for seven straight hours and hold everyone's attention.

Basically, he was demonstrating - using a lot of examples from Clinton and Nixon impeachment depositions and Bush and Trump press statements - how to understand the internal - let's call it "squirming around" - to give a theoretically "honest" response without lying but also without revealing the "truth."  With the benefit of history and hindsight, it was very insightful to watch these deceptive maneuvers in action.  

A lot of this witness deception exists around the unbelievably ambiguous use of the words "to know" or "to recall" which are used to get around a lawyer's attempt to lock in the witness with a "yes" or "no" response.  For example, "How many times did you meet Monica in the hallway outside the Oval Office?"  A response of "I don't know" could refer to not knowing the number of times ever in the history of Clinton's presidency, whether such meetings were in the hallway or elsewhere, or whether such encounters constituted a 'meeting.'  The weasel-word of "know" allows a witness to later go back and correct the response by stating his interpretation of the precise "knowledge" to which he was referring.  Cool stuff.  Clinton was an expert at this in his impeachment depositions.  Trump is an expert at this in his conversational style of ambiguous statements.  It avoids ever getting pinned down to one interpretation.

At one point during this class, Musante cleverly stated that he could "read Clinton's mind" prior to giving one of these ambiguous "I don't know" responses.  Musante then laid out the entire thought process - Clinton's concerns, what was true and what wasn't, and a strategy to be "honest" without being "truthful."  I thought to myself: "How interesting!  A lawyer announcing he can read minds - just like a psychic!"  And, more interestingly, how does this break down in terms of logical deduction, intuitive reasoning, and inexplicable psychic insight?

How does a lawyer read a witnesses mind, I wondered?  And how does that differ from what I do, as psychic and intuitive, when I read someone's mind?  It occurred to me that I am actually the equivalent of a "Triple Threat" to borrow a term from the performing arts (i.e.g someone who is talented in all three major skills of acting, dancing and singing).  I am a Triple Threat because I am 1) a litigator, 2) trained in psychotherapy and 3) a trained psychic. 

  • LAW: I practiced securities litigation in New York for nearly a decade.  
  • PSYCHOTHERAPY: I trained in Intuitive Gestalt Psychotherapy in New York for more than 20 years.  
  • PSYCHIC:  I trained as a psychic detective for a decade, as a spiritual medium for several years, and also for several years as a remote viewer in military-style remote viewing techniques.  

So, with my Triple Threat background, I wondered: how do these mind-reading techniques differ with each profession?  Or are they the same basic techniques?

I believe they are based on intuitive and logical understandings of different aspects of the human psyche.  

I believe that a litigator can read a witnesses' mind because a litigator can "smell fear" from far away.  When you know how to recognize the "pressure points" then you can track the witnesses convoluted attempts to escape from the trap created by the lawyer.  It is like understanding how a mouse tries to steal cheese from a mousetrap without getting caught.  It involves a thinking process and a strategy.  Litigators can read minds this way.  

A psychotherapist can read a client's mind because they can "feel" their way into the choices made by a person to address their emotions and how they distract themselves, empower themselves or believe their own deceptions.  A therapist can understand the history of a person's emotional empowerment no matter how illogical.

A psychic can read a client's mind because they can "mind-meld" with the energy of the person and, in some sense, become that person in order to understand the outcomes of the person's existence and choices.  A psychic can "see" the emotional imprint of a person and their decisions as it extends forwards and backwards in time.

Briefly, a litigator is trained in fear motivation.  A psychotherapist is trained in empathy.  A psychic is trained in energy.  

This is the true Triple Threat for mind reading almost anyone...  

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Images From the Sky

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Roughly three weeks ago, I was able to remember just a tiny fragment of one of my dreams.  I remember the distinctive image of a massive horse coming out of the clouds in the sky.  The horse seemed to be surrounded by a glow of purplish color.  I can't remember the rest of the dream.  

Of course, I have heard and read about the Four Horsemen in the Bible.  I am certainly no expert on the Bible.  I didn't know much about the Four Horsemen except that they are somehow associated with something vaguely apocalyptic.  

In fact, the Four Horsemen, described in detail in Revelations 6:1-8, written by John of Patmos. 

The scene is set when the author describes what he has seen.  He saw God on his throne in Heaven, surrounded by thousands of angels and strange winged creatures, holding a scroll held firmly closed with seven (wax) seals in his right hand.  The "Lamb" (Jesus) is considered the only one heavenly entity worthy enough to open the scroll to read its contents.  As each seal is broken, a new catastrophic event or series of events is unleashed on mankind.  The first four of these seven seals are symbolized by each of the Four Horsemen.

The First Horse is a white horse.  Its rider holds an archer's bow and he wears a crown.  "He rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest." (Rev. 6:2).  Unlike the other three horses, the symbolism of the white horse is very ambiguous.  The actual language of Revelations suggests that this represents the Spirit of Conquest.  It has also been suggested that the white horse could represent Christ, the antichrist and the false promise of peace.  I would interpret it as follows: The white horse represents the promise of purity to conquer and vanquish the evils of mankind.  The ambiguity lies in whether this white "purity" will fulfill its promise.  There seems to be a hidden threat in the lack of clarity.  How will humanity respond?  Will mankind be able to maintain a global peace if it harbors ill-will and deception underneath the stated intentions?  Or will the lies of humans create a "false peace"? The White Horse represents conquest by deception. 

For me, there is an element reminiscent of the Trojan Horse in the Biblical White Horse.  The famous Trojan Horse wooden statue created a curiosity and deception that allowed the Greek warriors, hidden inside the strange horse, to create a diversion and then conquer the independent city of Troy.  Did you ever wonder why the best-known brand name for condoms - "Trojans" - allows the man the enter deceptively into the independent domain of the woman?  No one ever taught me this juicy thought.

The Second Horse is a "fiery red" horse (Rev. 6:3).  This Red Horse has a rider who "was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other."  This rider carries a very large sword.  The Red Horse is universally regarded as representing war and death - presumably the creator of some kind of civil war or war among nations where "men slay each other."  In other words, the Red Horseman provokes war - but does not kill humanity himself.  Like the White Horseman, he is a catalyst, instigator or provocateur of bad behavior.  His job is to wreak havoc and fear, causing men to kill each other.  The Red Horseman doesn't do the actual killing.  The Red Horseman doesn't get his hands dirty.

The Third Horse is the Black Horse (Rev. 6:5-6).  The rider carries a "pair of scales" in his hand. The scales, similar to the "scales of justice" held in the hand of the Statue of Liberty, are considered to refer to market food scales with small stones representing the counter-weights.  The Black Horseman is interpreted to represent famine.  A celestial voice is heard to say: "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine."  Biblical scholars have suggested that one quart of wheat would be enough for only one person and three quarts of the less nutritious barley would barely be enough for small family.  Famine would drive the prices up to ten times their normal level.   Many scholars have interpreted this horseman as also being the cause or harbinger of droughts that cause the famines.

As I see it, the Black Horseman doesn't overtly cause the famine.  The famine is caused, once again, by mankind - and only indirectly by the Horseman.  Humans hike up the price of food and cause people who cannot afford to pay, to starve to death. 

The Fourth Horse is very different from the other horses (Rev. 6:7-8).  The Fourth Horse is a Pale Horse.  Of course, as we know, "pale" is just a description of a color, but not a color itself!  It evokes the image of a ghost, not a living being.  The word "pale" is described in the dictionary as being "almost colorless" - in other words, without living vitality.  The rider of the Pale Horse is the only one given a name.  The rider's name is "Death" and he is followed closely behind by "Hades," the Greek god of the underworld.  Strange, it seems to me, that the Christian prophet would evoke the name of a (pagen) Greek god!  Perhaps this was to underline the hopelessness of the termination of life for people who would not be redeemed by their Savior, the Lamb, Jesus Christ.  

At any rate, the Pale Horseman is given  "power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth."  From my perspective, the Pale Horseman is the only one of the Four Horsemen who has the actual power and authority to inflict direct pain, suffering and death upon mankind.  It is almost as if the other three Horsemen have the power of persuasion, temptation and influence to wreak havoc, but the Pale Horseman takes all of their powers and can use them directly to kill off a quarter of the human race!

After the four seals are broken and the Four Horsemen revealed, the fifth seal is broken and reveals that the souls of those slain in the name of God seek vengeance in the form of the Final Judgment against mankind (Rev. 6:9-11).  The sixth seal is broken and terrible global catastrophes are unleashed (Rev. 6:12-17) including earthquakes, a blood red moon, a black sun, stars crashing into the earth, and mountains and islands destroyed.  While the world leaders and populations tried to hide in caves.  The angels called out to stop the destruction long enough to save 144,000 humans who received the "seal of the Living God" on their foreheads.  Then the mystical seventh seal is broken and all hell breaks loose on the planet. Locusts, looking oddly like "horses prepared for battle," are released to kill off mankind.  Then an army of angels are released to kill mankind, then a plague of fire, smoke and sulfur, then earthquakes killing seven thousand people.  Jesus is then seen standing on Mount Zion with the 144,000 saved individuals who sing a song that only those who were redeemed were capable of learning.  And so on.  

The impure are murdered by paranormal events, and the pure are saved.  Jesus returns and the spiritual aspect of the planet has been swept clean of impurities.  A fresh start. 

And so, to return to my dream in which a galloping horse appeared coming out of the clouds surrounded by a strange, purple glow, I am left to wonder if this is not perhaps a prophetic dream of the coming of the Pale Horse.  

What is interesting is that the author of Revelations (who wrote in the first century A.D.) was influenced by the horse imagery, according to scholars, of another earlier prophet, a 6th century BC Babylonian priest and prophet, Zechariah. In Zechariah's vision, he looked up and saw four horse-drawn chariots coming out from between two mountains.

"The first chariot had red horses, the second black, the third white, and the fourth dappled - all of them powerful.  I asked the angel who was speaking to me, 'What are these, my lord?'  The angel answered me, 'These are the four spirits of heaven, going out from standing in the presence of the Lord of the whole world.  The one with the black horses is going toward the north country, the one with the white horses toward the west, and the one with the dappled horses toward the south." (Zec 6:1-8). (Strangely, the angel forgets to mention the red horses which, obviously, are going toward the east!)

Zechariah's equating the differently colored horses to the four different directions (east, west, south, north) reminds me of the traditional Native American Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop.  The number "4" (which also features prominently in these Biblical writings) is considered a sacred number by Native Americans (seasons, earth elements, human races, compass directions, stages of life).  

The Medicine Wheel typically features four colors: black, yellow, red and white. Red/south, black/west, white/north and yellow/east.  The correlation between colors and compass directions is not the same.  However, the notion of four spiritual colors is the same for the Native Americans, Zechariah and Revelations. 

Most interesting of all, is that the only color that varies in all three accounts is that of the Pale Horse. It is described in Zechariah as "dappled" and in Native American culture as "yellow."   These are variations on the color white. It is almost as if this "spirit" of nature, this aspect of power, this force of Heaven, cannot accurately be described or envisioned.  We all have trouble imagining death.  We only see it as a kind of "disappearance" from life.  It is as if a shade of one of life's colors begins to fade away from us.  That is why "pale" and "dappled" only describe the shade but not the color.

My horse in the clouds was, I believe, a repetition of a warning for mankind.  A kind of modern-day prophecy.  In a world where we have become increasingly "impure" in mind, body and spirit, and our desires have become aggressive and intolerant, we are clearly approaching the wars and climate destruction that causes droughts, earthquakes, fires and famines, without any need for direct intervention from the "angels."  It is all indirect - just like three of the Four Horsemen.  The Four Horsemen have merely been unleashed from the heavens to prod us further into our own self-destruction that will surely result in mass extinctions of the human race as the Pale Horse finally enters the spiritual arena.  

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Death of Private Thoughts

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Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, we lived in a world where we could hide things - both truth and lies.  The "inside" of our mind was our secret garden.  Our thoughts could be kept alive there like a secret zoo where unicorns and centaurs roamed freely with zebras, horses and rattlesnakes.  You could separate your thoughts from your deeds, and your words from your emotions. Your outer protective layer, your skin, was like a territorial boundary.  No one was allowed entrance into this private world without all the proper papers and pedigrees.  Good and bad thoughts, reactions, emotions, feelings, attitudes, fantasies, perspectives, strategies, insults, compliments, calculations and deviations, could all be kept silent and under wraps.  A private domain. Under private ownership. This was my world growing up.

I have been able to watch the slow death of human privacy over the decades.  It is like watching someone die slowly by being smothered.  Slowly the struggle to breathe life-giving air gives way to surrender, the eyes roll back, and the entity relaxes into the new reality without air or breath.  Is there life after death?  Or do we cease to exist?  Can we live happily ever after if our lives are now an open book for everyone to read,?  Can we exist as individuals when our thoughts have become nothing more than "products" to be sold on the open market?  Human consciousness fetches a high price and can be translated almost immediately into cash. We are all becoming slaves to each other.

Privacy, in my opinion, ranks up there with the basic human rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence along with life, liberty and happiness.  And yet, our passion for absolute democracy - well, let's call it equal opportunity to rape and pillage in the name of freedom - and our militaristic drive for supremacy over the thoughts of everyone else, has led us to this point of no return.  Ultimately, of course, we are headed toward a world where we will all be controlled - our thoughts, feelings and ambitions - by hidden technologies.  We will be, in effect, genetically modified without genes.  We are headed toward marching in lockstep and thinking in unified hive mentality.  The human race is not far from becoming a single entity - one massive uni-dimensional slave - controlled by???  We won't know because we won't be privy to that information.

This is no longer science fiction.  

We made the critical mistake of believing that we could become "interconnected" through technology (television, radio, telephones, computers, internet, smart phones, apps, AI, robots, smart homes, etc.) without having to sacrifice anything at all.  We thought if we paid our monthly fees that was the end of it.  Obviously, the price of being "interconnected" is that we have become the living entities that feed the system.  

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, wrote an enlightening book ("Blitzscaling" (2018)) about how successful modern corporations are purposely designed to seduce, entice and feed off of personal profiles and private thoughts.  He doesn't say it that way because he is a predator of human privacy, not a victim.  

The obvious technologies involved are companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on, that sift through vast amounts of personal data and then tailor their advertising and promotions to each person.  This is a very personal rape.  But there are also many other movements that are looming on our horizon that also threaten to dissolve our mental territories.  

We are all familiar with cyber-hacking and data collection designed by every government on earth.  Recall:

  • the Chinese heist of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in 2015 of the personal records of 22.1 million people, mostly the private data, including clearances, government employees.  
  • the 2011 hack of Sony's PlayStation Network gathering and compromising the personal records of more than 77 million of its customers.  
  • the 2014 cyber attack on Sony Pictures by the North Korean government that resulted in stealing the private social security numbers of 47,000 people.  
  • the Russian hacking of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's emails in 2016
  • the most recent allegations that the Chinese hacked her private server and were sent duplicate copies of all her emails while she was still Secretary of State.

This type of digging into cyber records containing our personal data has been weaponized.  It is a military incursion into cyber "territory" of another entity.

But even our own government has "weaponized" private data to be used - ostensibly - for our own good!  Really?  Why does my government need to know who we call and what we say on the telephone or our computers?  We are told this is for our national security.  No one can forget when, in 2013, Edward Snowdon leaked valuable information about the US National Security Agency and their metadata collection program on the American public.  Kind of strange twist - hacking to prevent hacking.

Slowly, our technologies are all - thanks to our clever and amoral scientists - leading us down the road to the total loss of our privacy in the future.  This is more direct than cyber hacking.  It is literally hacking your brain!  We now have the ability to hack into your dreams - and your dreams can be displayed visually on a computer monitor!  We can cause you to have a false memory of an event simply by recreating a specific memory pathway in your brain's neurons.  Of course, memories can also be erased.  Behavior can be modified.  This is all a form of hacking into your personal privacy in the name of glorious scientific achievements.

More recently, there are ominous political movements that are developing - notably in China and the early signs in the United States - which create cyber "credit systems" for every citizen.  Good behavior (like praising the government or not driving too fast or jay-walking) result in automatic higher "credit" ratings and discounts on purchases like real estate, groceries or cars, the ability to travel by being granted a passport or leave one's home.  It is very ominous indeed.

We are living in the early days of an evil trend.  Just as very few people actually foresaw the ultimate evil destination of Hitler's Nazi Germany because it was accomplished in slow, manageable and non-threatening stages- so very few people saw it coming.  It started out innocently enough by requiring all Jews to register, then to wear arm bands with Jewish stars on them, then requiring them to relocate to Jewish neighborhoods, then shipping them off to "labor" camps, and ultimately to their extinction.  Notice - the entire process started with the seemingly innocent requirement of registration of their personal information.  Do you start to see a similarity to cyber registration?

Let me give you another example of the new movement toward political intrusion of our private thoughts.  Just a few days ago, after the second mass shooting in Texas this summer.  The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon and Apple to collect data on all users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior.  This, of course, is intended to preserve gun rights and appease gun rights advocates, while trying to find a means to stop insane people from purchasing guns and killing people - to appease gun control advocates.  Sounds like a reasonable compromise, right?  Think twice.  According to the article, HARPA would be in charge of developing "breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence."  Individuals thus identified would be presumably arrested and "dealt with" appropriately (imprisoned?  drugged involuntarily?) having had their privacy rights extinguished in order to identify them.  

When you realize that the psychiatrists' "bible" - The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" - today the DSM-5 - was originally developed by our military to identify certain psychiatric issues - it gives great pause for thought.  Psychiatric "disorders" are redefined and reevaluated with every new addition.  Most recently, people who are "creative" were tossed into a new "disorder" type.  Does that frighten you?  It should.

Once you hand over the keys to the palace - the palace of personal privacy - you are no longer in control of your life.  There is a barbarian in your mind.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Vibrations of American Conflict

I have avoided discussing politics on social media for several years because I watched as my friends, both Republicans and Democrats, got into some of the most brutal, verbally-violent, abusive "screaming" matches I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, and lost scores of Facebook acquaintances as well as close friends and family members.  It was pitiful and - most sadly - completely avoidable.

I say "avoidable" because - speaking as an "old" person with the wisdom of more years than 85 percent of the American population - I know that today's political climate has been a direct result of our collective American psychology.  I have watched it happen slowly over the last 50 years.  

"Younger" people today have grown up with a different psychological climate than I did.  

First, they grew up with television.  I didn't.  This created instant history, instant opinions, and a need for speed in making snap judgments with little underlying knowledge or basis.  Everyone is writing a book these days - but no one actually reads books anymore.  Well - I exaggerate - the average American today reads 4 books a year and 83 percent fall into the youthful and school age population of 16-29 years old when you would expect them to be reading for school!  More than a million books are published in the United States every year now, half of which are self-published, and on average sell fewer than 250 copies per year.  Consequently, publishing experts suggest that, given the grossly overcrowded market, authors front load their main ideas at the beginning of their books, keep books short, and write them at an 8th grade level vocabulary.  

This is part and parcel of the overall "dumbing down" of America.  

And make no mistake about this - there is nothing more frightening than a stupid population.  They are too lazy to take the initiative to learn and want to be spoon fed their moral positions.  People in power have been only too happy to accommodate this need by feeding the population with "sound bytes" of propaganda - easily gobbled up by those who are too lazy to investigate truth on their own.  A stupid population can be led like a flock of oblivious sheep to their own destruction.

This is all the more reason why people should learn how to respect the differing opinions of others.  They need to approach this kind of "conflict" as an opportunity to learn from someone else's experience or knowledge - and not as a "threat" to their own identity.

Second, they grew up with advertisements.  I didn't.  This created seemingly socially acceptable lies and deception in the name of the "good guys" - money, greed and power.  As publicity-manipulated capitalists we have been taught to believe these are virtues of "hard work" not deception.  But this has also created a weird schizophrenic spin on our reality.  For example, your typical pharmaceutical ads play happy music, showing happy people doing happy things, while a soft voice briskly announces - only because it is mandated by law - that the use of the drug could result in permanent nerve damage, loss of hearing, liver infections, kidney malfunction, life-threatening asthma, skin infections, nausea, vomiting and death!  The result is a feeling that one is living in a schizophrenic nightmare reality - like happy clowns with painted smiles that frighten people to death!.  

Third, they grew up with social media.  I didn't.  I don't need to restate all the negative side effects of social media - they have been rehashed many times - except to say that people have now found a way to have "virtual" (not real) "friends"; to manifest and shape shift themselves as nasty "trolls" without ever suffering consequences of their rudeness; and have lost a sense of true interpersonal connection and friendship with live human beings.  People now seem to feel free to rip others to shreds like a blood sport.  No consequences!  True friendship requires one to be kind, often diplomatic, and recognize that the friendship is more important than "being right" all the time.

Fourth, they grew up with technology like cell phones, Skype, WhatsApp, texting, and internet connection.  I didn't.  This generation assumes that communication is best done through an electronic medium.  Hanging up is easy.  Ending a difficult conversation is easy.  Cutting someone off is easy.  And you don't ever have to see them live and in person again!

Fifth, they have grown up with no distinction between "entertainment" and "news."  I didn't.  I remember the first time I heard a TV news show play "rock and roll" as part of its intro music instead of teletype news wire sound!  I was shocked because it appeared to cross the line between pop music entertainment and what had always been "serious" news.

With Trump's bold new pronouncement that all journalism in the United States (except Fox News) is "Fake News" - he has unfortunately (and perhaps intentionally) caused a national psychological crisis.  No one feels safe in terms of what they can trust.  There is no Walter Cronkite father-figure any more.  There is no "legitimate" or "non-rag" newspaper any more.  There is no one to respect any more.  So no one knows where to turn for the "voice of reason."  Toss in planted "fake" advertising by large companies and "fake" Facebook stories and political groups planted by the Russians and presumably others - then you cannot trust anything.  Of course, all newspapers and media commentators have an editorial perspective.  That has always been true.  But despite planted stories by government sources and leftist/rightist leanings, the "legitimate" media - at least 50 years ago - was primarily an "editorial" choice.  They were still held to a higher standard of fact-checking and sources.  Facts have disappeared from our landscape.  We live in a sea of unfounded and vicious opinions.  

"Opinion news shows" now dominate what was once "the news."  The new generations of Americans don't know the difference any more.  This has given rise to "newscasters" yelling their flagrant personal opinions and abusing guests on their shows by snarky comments, dismissive conclusions, failure to ask true questions, and abusive treatment.  The sad truth is that the new generation of Americans now equates "loud" nasty opinions as "good."  Why?  Because they are assumed to be truthful because they are loud and so nasty!. Emotion is confused with honesty.  Unfortunately, loudness has nothing to do with honesty or truth.  It is pure theater.  Entertainment.  Increases the ratings.  Higher ratings bring in more money.  Money creates more power.  Power creates more control over the media.  The media controls the mind of the American population.  And that's how we roll.

Furthermore, people who feel a need to yell their opinions are almost always people who are trying to overcompensate for their uncertainty, lack of facts, or shortcomings.  They are the opposite of truthful.  

Of course, much of this "loudness" and "nastiness" has come as a direct backlash to a perception that the country's media "intelligentsia" is dishonest.  Why?  Because they use big vocabulary words and seem to hide behind a false facade of polite commentary and political correctness. To some degree, that is a valid point.  But this has all contributed to our psychological demise.  It has resulted in Americans feeling free and justifiable in beating up anyone who disagrees with them.  It is a dangerously toxic and poisonous environment.

All of these factors have contributed to a public and political "screaming" match that - as I have already predicted years ago - is leading us down the road to a civil war unless we address the underlying psychological issue.  What is it?  It is the issue that we learn how not to be mortally threatened by someone else's different opinion and different solution to a problem.  In fact, while visiting the other side of the country recently, I was told by a guns-rights supporter that liberals should fear the coming uprising because they won't have the firearms to protect themselves!  Yikes!  

This can and will only be solved by people willing to take a personal courageous step of sincerely trying to understand why other human beings - who are good people - would believe something so different from them.  This requires kindness, courage and a genuine unbiased belief that we are not infallible in our own beliefs.  It also requires a return to facts - if we can still find them anywhere.

Are you up for the challenge?  Our country depends on it.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Communicating with a Fairy/Angel?

 I recently went on a paranormal investigation to the creepy, decrepit, run-down Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, PA.  It is well-known to be very haunted.  The facility opened in 1908 as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institute for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, and eventually was renamed the Pennhurst State School and Hospital.  Located on 1400 acres, the institution was created to segregate the population with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It consists of more than 30 buildings, most of which are condemned and too dangerous to enter today, many of which are connected by long, concrete underground tunnels.  The facility quickly became overcrowded.  By 1946, it housed more than 2,000 patients, mostly children, and employed seven physicians.  By the mid-1960's, there were 2,791 patients - nearly 1000 more than the institution could comfortably accommodate!  In 1987, the facility closed its doors forever.  Today they tell the stories of full grown adult patients who had lived there their entire life and were found unable to speak and still confined to their baby cribs!  Horror stories.  The facility has been featured on many TV shows and is known as one of the creepiest and most haunted locations in the state.  To add to its creepiness, the facility is located next to the Limmerick nuclear power plant with its nuclear smokestacks belching constant clouds into the sky.

Needless to say, I was a bit nervous before going there.  I have always tended to steer clear of the more "nasty" haunted locations - like penitentiaries, prisons, mental hospitals, etc.  I don't like to mingle with mean, dangerous or demonic energies.  I know too many stories of people who have come home after such investigations with horrible "attachments" which wreak havoc on their lives and health.  

Before leaving home, I put some holy water on my forehead (even though I'm not Catholic) just for added protection, and carried a small bottle with my equipment.  I drove to the Asylum with my friend and phenomenal paranormal photographer Pat Eldridge-Roller.  When we got to the facility we met up with the rest of the paranormal team and were allotted from 7 PM to 3 AM to investigate three of the buildings and one of the underground tunnels.  

The spirits did not disappoint.  The place was incredibly active and almost everyone in our group had some form of interaction with a spirit.  In the buildings, we set up flashlights with which we had several long "conversations" with spirits who turned the flashlights on and off as binary responses to our questions.  A few people in our group, heard loud footsteps in the darkened, puddle-laden area of the old dormitories, then watched large, wet foot prints of a barefoot male appear on the concrete floor as it walked toward them.  People saw lights turn on in locked rooms without windows.  We heard a large group of men, as we sat silently on one end of the underground tunnel, as they talked loudly, knocked things over, seemed to drop heavy items on the concrete floor, and walked down the hallway.  We called to them several times and checked out the location.  There was no one there.  Our group leader and three others on our team actually saw a glowing, full-bodied male spirit exit a tunnel in a neighboring building and walk quickly away.  I was pinched on the left cheek of my face - a first for me, since I have never been maliciously touched by any spirit in the past.  

When Pat and I returned at 2 AM that night, we sifted through our "evidence" (recordings and photographs) looking for EVPs (ghostly sounds or words) or ectoplasm or ghostly shadows.  I found nothing in my equipment.  Pat found only one anomalous photograph among her photos.  It is the photo shown above.  It is extremely weird!

It is me, as I gazed upwards in the sky - I did not see anything at all at the time - while walking outside one of the more haunted buildings at Pennhurst.  What is peculiar is that I seem to be looking directly at something that looks bizarrely like a multi-colored flash of light in the shape of a small fairy or perhaps angel. (See the small close-up photo). It is not an insect.  It is not a bird.  There is simply no explanation for this very vividly brightly lit object flying at me in the sky.  Moreover, if you examine the photo and brighten it, you quickly see I am surrounded by four white orbs of varying sizes and a strange, unexplained (non-reflective) white light that extends down from the sky behind my back.

I believe I was protected.  I believe I must have "seen" without seeing or knowing.  

Any thoughts, anyone?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Phone Calls from the Unknown

Ok, funny story.  

Yesterday, I went to a luncheon and met the President's son in New York City.  Interesting event.  Afterwards I went to get my car from the garage.  It is an Infiniti convertible sports car - a hand-me-down from my husband who moved on to a Tesla.  I have been driving it for years.  I always keep it tuned to the Spa Channel of X FM Satellite Radio.  I don't change the channel.  As I drove out onto the street, I set my GPS to go pick up my cat from hip surgery in New Jersey.  The Spa Channel music started playing.  I plugged in my iPhone so it could charge.  So far, so good.  Nothing unusual.

However, all of a sudden, the Spa music was cut off and I began listening to two unidentified women talking.  I thought maybe the radio had switched channels by itself or that perhaps it had decided to play music off my iPhone iTunes.  But no.  None of these was happening.  I looked at my car screen that displays radio stations and GPS.  There was a green bar across the top that said "Call in Progress."  At that point, when I got to the next traffic light, I picked up my iPhone to see if by some very off chance I might have accidentally dialed someone.  My iPhone indicated that there was no call in progress.  Moreover, when I checked to see the Music icon, it was set to some Spa music and was not actively playing.  So clearly, my iPhone had nothing to do with this weird interruption.  

Nor had I accidentally dialed my car phone.  If I had done this, I would remember either hitting the button and then looking up a specific phone number, and would have heard the phone ringing before it was picked up.  None of this happened either.

It was as if I had suddenly been dropped into the middle of a private conversation between two women.  They chatted conversationally.  It was as if one woman had seen some very unusual aerial event and the other woman was asking questions about it.

"Yeah, they were all flying up in the air."
"So what about the third plane?"
"Well, that's what was so weird."
"What happened?"
"That one just suddenly... like... uh, disappeared!  Right out of the sky!"
"What do you mean 'disappeared'?"
"It broke up into lots of little bits of light... you know, kind of scintillating lights..."

After this last sentence, the call abruptly ended.  The green banner on the car screen said "Call Ended."  The satellite radio immediately resumed playing the music from the Spa Channel where I had left it set and hadn't touched it.

What the hell?  

As I tried to figure out the nature of this weird electronic glitch, I wondered if perhaps it might have been a radio podcast.  But why did it come in as a phone call?  As I had listened to the two women talking on the phone call, I wondered if perhaps I had been listening in as a third party due to wires crossing somewhere.  However, as I listened to the two women talking and tried to figure out who they were, they began to sound like my paranormal pal from Baltimore, Pat Roller, and me!  Strangely, although I could identify the women as Pat and me, the voices were "almost" but "not quite" us.  I couldn't put my finger out.  It was as if both our vocal energies were slightly different.  

Although I had already checked my iPhone music window and my car music, the only thing that seemed to make logical sense about this was that perhaps somehow - magically - one of the two podcasts that I did from my old radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" with Pat as my former co-host for those two shows, might have somehow gotten recorded or played in my car.  That seemed beyond highly unlikely.  I only ever recorded one show with her and she and I had never discussed airplanes or UFOs before.  

So I called Pat when I got home.  She confirmed that she and I had never discussed planes or UFOs (other than in some emails in the last two days where she showed me a photo of an orb in the sky in Gettysburg, that she had taken years ago and thought might be a UFO).  She also confirmed that we had never discussed any of these topics on the two podcasts we did together back in 2010.  She also confirmed my belief that she never, never uses the word "scintillating."  As she said, she just uses basic, regular words.  By contrast, "scintillating" is a word that I have used often... She was as baffled as I was.

My husband was literally in the air when I got this message as he was flying back to New Jersey from Colorado. I began to wonder if perhaps this was some conversation that I would have in the future (?) and was intended as a kind of premonition or warning regarding his flight (?).  I sent him a text asking if his plane had been, for any reason, identified as the "third plane."  He said no and arrived home safely.  

Today, I have no idea what this message was.  Why did I hear myself on a phone call that I did not make?  Why were we discussing planes and probably UFOs?  I only write this here to  suggest to you that reality is a sophisticated and complex web of objective and subjective reality... Perhaps it has to do with my upcoming presentation for the June, 2019, Conference of the Society of Scientific Exploration where my subject matter is the relationship between Remote Viewing and Synchronicity.... The power of the mind to alter reality....

Thursday, February 21, 2019

What Are Super-Recognizers?

I have a very embarrassing handicap: I am virtually unable to remember names or faces of people when I meet them.  There are people in my town to whom I have been introduced as many as seven times!  Each time I see them at a party or some local event, I smile, extend my hand for a handshake and introduce myself.  "Hi!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Nancy."  I am usually met with a slight jiggle in the eyes, an increased tightening of the mouth, and a flat, humorless acknowledgement like, "Yes, I know.  We've already been introduced several times..."  It is horribly embarrassing and makes me feel like an idiot - not to mention it makes other people think I am an arrogant snob. 

Yes, I have tried all those mnemonic devices to remember names.  I have, for years, been careful to repeat the person's name upon being introduced to them.  I repeat their names in my mind and try to imprint it on their face.  But I am simply hopeless.  Since I can't remember their faces, trying to match a name with a face is useless.  It has nothing to do with whether they are important to me or not.  It has to do with the fact that I simply can't remember their identity.  I often wonder how I survived several decades of being in charge of sales for my businesses and, at one point, attending up to 20 trade shows a year. 

If it were just names or just faces that I couldn't remember, then perhaps I would have a head start.  But both just evaporate. 

It's not just regular people.  I can't even recognize movie stars or United States presidents when I pass them on the street! (I have walked right by movie star Sylvester Stallone, rock star Mick Jagger and President Gerald Ford on the street and would never have known unless my friends hadn't jabbed me with their elbow and told me). Somehow these people just look different.  Either they are much smaller, taller, older, different hair, or whatever.  They just don't look like my memory of them.

While writing my book "Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know" (2012), I ran across a relatively rare neurological condition called  prosopagnosia - or, "face blindness."  People with this condition are absolutely unable to recognize faces.  The only way they can distinguish between people is if they have a beard, mustache, wear a hat, have a tattoo, or some other non-facial characteristic.  It suddenly occurred to me that I probably have a mild case of prosopagnosia.  I actually took an online test and scored high enough to indicate that I do suffer from this condition.  In some respects, it was at least reassuring that I wasn't just some idiot.  Moreover, it confirmed my pet theory to explain my deficiency - namely, that perhaps the facial recognition area of my brain that is hard-wired into everyone had been hijacked by other very important intellection or perceptual functions.

You can imagine my surprise when, today, I ran across an article stating the British law enforcement officials at Scotland Yard employed a certain type of high-performing individuals called "Super-Recognizers."  These people have a much higher than average ability to recognize the faces of people - even if they haven't seen them for many years or are looking at very fuzzy, low definition photos from security cameras. 

To me, this may represent yet another currently unidentified "sense" or "sensory ability" just like people known as "super tasters" (35 percent of women and 15 percent of men) who are able to experience tastes that are outside the "normal" range of taste for the average human being.  This includes tasting the capsaicin burn in chili peppers, the bitterness of quinine in tonic water, and a more pronounced salty taste in olives.  ("Psychic Intuition" p. 95).

It is also similar to a group of people who can literally see more colors than the average person.  These people are called  tetrachromatic, as opposed to trichromatic, because they have four (not three) color detecting cones in their retinas.  (See "Psychic Intuition" p.97)  They can see 100 million more shades of color than the average human being!  The vast majority of tetrachromatics are women (2-3 percent of all women). 

So, to return to my issue of "face-blindness" versus "super-recognizers" - I think that I must suffer from a sensory deficiency.  This is the place where - as I point out in my book - the senses interface with the mind/intellect. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Project Blue Beam Dream

For those of you in the UFO world, you are likely already familiar with a well-known and intriguing "conspiracy theory" known as Project Blue Beam.  In a nutshell, it was first proposed by a Canadian Serge Monast in 1994 and appeared in his book "Project Blue Beam: NASA."  Without going into too much detail, the idea is that The Powers That Be (TPTB) - originating with NASA and any shadow government/cabal allies - will attempt to slowly restructure the various religious beliefs in the world by developing fake archeological evidence and then promote a global crisis and panic of an invasion by "evil" UFOs and aliens or of their artificially created respective deities.  This next step would be allegedly accomplished by creating holographic visions of the invaders or miraculous visions of religious icons coming from the skies using earth-based lasers.  The end goal would be to unite all peoples of the earth by making them feel they had "heard" a message from their God or to frighten everyone causing everyone to unite under a single authoritarian world government.  This government would then seize power as the New World Order.

There have, in fact, been some interesting "holograms" of things like an entire cityscape that appeared in the clouds in China a few years ago - suggesting, at least, that such magnificent visions could be created and give the appearance of something unearthly and miraculous. 

Let me say, at this point, that while I find conspiracy theories and their historic origins fascinating, I am always wary of their validity.  While I have seen lots of interesting information that might tend to confirm a Project Blue Beam type of a plan, I have no way of knowing its truth.  I just keep the information tucked under my hat for a later date. 

I bring this up because I have not spent much time ever thinking about Project Blue Beam.  I do not know the people involved in promoting the theory.  I may have watched a few YouTube videos many years ago on the subject.  Apart from that, Project Blue Beam has not been on my mind consciously or even subliminally to my knowledge.

Last night, I found it very difficult to sleep.  My body temperature felt abnormally hot and I slept fitfully. (No, I don't have a fever).  I remember a "two part" dream.  The first part was absolutely bizarre and I felt like I was fighting to get out of my dream because it was so disjointed and uncomfortable.  What I remember (without many details) is that I was being "spoken to" by several "aliens."  They were talking to me, not in English, but in their own language.  They were warning me that the government was about to launch its Project Blue Beam holographic alien invasion scenario, and I should not believe it, and I should warn others.  The strange thing was that they were talking to me in their "alien" language.  I couldn't understand it in my dream and yet they were almost yelling at me!  They were trying to make me understand - and so I had to sit there and listen to them.  All I really wanted to do was to get up and get out of my dream.  Their language was harsh-sounding, full of strong consonant sounds. 

I remember the "words" or "sounds" of "nid" and "nic." 

When I managed to briefly wake up out of my dream, to my great relief, because I was feeling terribly anxious, I allowed myself to go back to sleep.  This time the "aliens" were gone and I was now being fed the propaganda of the U.S. government, attempting to explain to me in much more gentle tones and much more logically, in English, that this whole Project Blue Beam thing was a hoax and a figment of my imagination.  At a certain point, this dream became equally disturbing, and I work up again.

When I work up this morning, the first thing I did was to look at my smart phone.  The first thing I saw was a text message from a friend of mine - a college classmate and fellow attorney with an interest in UFOs with his own regular CE-5 UFO watch group.  He asked if I would do him a favor and be a guest on his radio podcast ( this evening (on virtually no notice).  He suggested I speak about my book "How To Talk to an Alien" (New Page/Career Press, 2015).  Although I continue to do some radio interviews, I have not spoken about that book or discussed the topic on the radio for several years.  Nor have I discussed it recently with anyone in my private life. 

The coincidence of having just heard "alien languages" in my dream and my friend's request to talk about alien languages tonight struck me as extremely strange...  A synchronicity perhaps.  Or perhaps I am just a vehicle for someone else's message who cannot speak really good English...  Not sure.

Then I decided to look up the "words" nid and nic and see if they might mean anything in English or as acronyms for something significant.  Turns out, while these are acronyms for several things, "nid" stands for "Naval Intelligence Division," "National Intelligence Director," and "National Intelligence Daily," and "nic" stands for "Naval Intelligence Command," "Naval Intelligence Center (US Dod) and "Naval Information Center."  This, in turn, makes me wonder if the only reason why I could remember these alien "words" was because they were the actual English words or references used in their language.  For anyone not familiar with the fascinating world of UFOs, the Navy (not the Air Force) has been primarily responsible for the collection of UFO data over the decades.  These "words" referring to Navy intelligence seemed particularly interesting...

So I can only say, perhaps there is a Project Blue Beam event on our horizon, and we should all be aware of the different players involved...