Saturday, May 18, 2019

Communicating with a Fairy/Angel?

 I recently went on a paranormal investigation to the creepy, decrepit, run-down Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, PA.  It is well-known to be very haunted.  The facility opened in 1908 as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institute for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, and eventually was renamed the Pennhurst State School and Hospital.  Located on 1400 acres, the institution was created to segregate the population with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It consists of more than 30 buildings, most of which are condemned and too dangerous to enter today, many of which are connected by long, concrete underground tunnels.  The facility quickly became overcrowded.  By 1946, it housed more than 2,000 patients, mostly children, and employed seven physicians.  By the mid-1960's, there were 2,791 patients - nearly 1000 more than the institution could comfortably accommodate!  In 1987, the facility closed its doors forever.  Today they tell the stories of full grown adult patients who had lived there their entire life and were found unable to speak and still confined to their baby cribs!  Horror stories.  The facility has been featured on many TV shows and is known as one of the creepiest and most haunted locations in the state.  To add to its creepiness, the facility is located next to the Limmerick nuclear power plant with its nuclear smokestacks belching constant clouds into the sky.

Needless to say, I was a bit nervous before going there.  I have always tended to steer clear of the more "nasty" haunted locations - like penitentiaries, prisons, mental hospitals, etc.  I don't like to mingle with mean, dangerous or demonic energies.  I know too many stories of people who have come home after such investigations with horrible "attachments" which wreak havoc on their lives and health.  

Before leaving home, I put some holy water on my forehead (even though I'm not Catholic) just for added protection, and carried a small bottle with my equipment.  I drove to the Asylum with my friend and phenomenal paranormal photographer Pat Eldridge-Roller.  When we got to the facility we met up with the rest of the paranormal team and were allotted from 7 PM to 3 AM to investigate three of the buildings and one of the underground tunnels.  

The spirits did not disappoint.  The place was incredibly active and almost everyone in our group had some form of interaction with a spirit.  In the buildings, we set up flashlights with which we had several long "conversations" with spirits who turned the flashlights on and off as binary responses to our questions.  A few people in our group, heard loud footsteps in the darkened, puddle-laden area of the old dormitories, then watched large, wet foot prints of a barefoot male appear on the concrete floor as it walked toward them.  People saw lights turn on in locked rooms without windows.  We heard a large group of men, as we sat silently on one end of the underground tunnel, as they talked loudly, knocked things over, seemed to drop heavy items on the concrete floor, and walked down the hallway.  We called to them several times and checked out the location.  There was no one there.  Our group leader and three others on our team actually saw a glowing, full-bodied male spirit exit a tunnel in a neighboring building and walk quickly away.  I was pinched on the left cheek of my face - a first for me, since I have never been maliciously touched by any spirit in the past.  

When Pat and I returned at 2 AM that night, we sifted through our "evidence" (recordings and photographs) looking for EVPs (ghostly sounds or words) or ectoplasm or ghostly shadows.  I found nothing in my equipment.  Pat found only one anomalous photograph among her photos.  It is the photo shown above.  It is extremely weird!

It is me, as I gazed upwards in the sky - I did not see anything at all at the time - while walking outside one of the more haunted buildings at Pennhurst.  What is peculiar is that I seem to be looking directly at something that looks bizarrely like a multi-colored flash of light in the shape of a small fairy or perhaps angel. (See the small close-up photo). It is not an insect.  It is not a bird.  There is simply no explanation for this very vividly brightly lit object flying at me in the sky.  Moreover, if you examine the photo and brighten it, you quickly see I am surrounded by four white orbs of varying sizes and a strange, unexplained (non-reflective) white light that extends down from the sky behind my back.

I believe I was protected.  I believe I must have "seen" without seeing or knowing.  

Any thoughts, anyone?