Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is Fibromayalgia A Disease of Psychic Mediums?

A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner with two friends of mine.  David Rountree is an audio engineer, who previously worked on military accoustic research, and now is in charge of the public PA systems in various transportation stations in the NYC area.  He has also developed a following in the paranormal world doing experimentation on behalf of the Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Information and Technology ("SPIRIT") Lab.  His lovely Texan fiancee, Tracy Ray, is a medium who has only recently come "out of the closet" with her abilities and has begun working with David on his paranormal tours around the country.

During the course of our dinner, Tracy talked a bit about her painful fibromyalgia, which often makes it difficult for her to even touch or hug other people.  David said he was convinced that fibromyalgia is a common complaint among psychic mediums and suggested that there must be some kind of link between the kind of highly energic work performed by a medium and its negative effect on the body resulting in nerve pain from fybromyalgia.  Of course, I was aware that many of my medium friends have trouble touching people physically and suffer from a variety of debilitating conditions including fibromyalgia.  It was an interesting correlation, I thought.

Two days later, I decided to get a massage from my local spa.  My masseuse had only worked on me once before.  I didn't know anything about her background and all she knew about me was that I was a psychic with a radio show.  About half way through working on me, she asked me if I had fibromyalgia.  I was shocked and said no.  In fact, no one has ever suggested such a thing to me before and I don't suffer from nerve pain.  I tend to be as healthy as a horse.  I asked her why.

To my great surprise, she said, " I'm a medium. I used to have fibromyalgia.  I am very familiar with all the medical trigger points related to fibromyalgia."  She explained that people with fibromyalgia tend to experience pain when certain points of the body are pressed.  She told me I seemed to have pain on all of those points.

Well, I had no idea she was a medium and she had no idea I was a medium!  To hear her talk about fibromyalgia fast on the heels of my discussion with David and Tracy seemed way too bizarre - not to mention the suggestion that I might have it myself without knowing it!

In fact, it was one of the strangest massages I have ever had.  I knew I had been through a couple of rough weeks with all my spiritual mediumship work and needed some deep relaxation.  I am used to the sensation of releasing strong emotions when particular muscles are massaged.  This time, however, I seemed to be released very, very specific spirit entities - people and even animals!  It was bizarre.  For instance, when she worked on my left leg, I experienced the release of a male auto mechanic!  Why?  I had no idea.  I had not done any spiritual work involving any auto mechanics.  That night, I randomly turned on a television show, Dateline Mysteries, and it was all about the suspicious disappearance and likely homicide of an auto mechanic by his wife who was also a manager of an auto mechanic business.  I have never watched, read or discussed a case about a homicide of an auto mechanic before.  Don't know if there is a relationship, but in this line of work, you must always keep your mind open. 

My masseuse told me after she worked on me that at a certain point, she felt so much energy releasing from my body that the entire massage room had actually heated up and became uncomfortably hot!

I have shared this story with a group of online mediums and the reaction was quite amazing.  Many of them are indeed suffering from similar fibromyalgia symptons.  David says he believes my masseuse was right on the money - that nerve pain develops from a kind of circuit overload of excess energy (spiritual) that cannot be easily discharged by the medium.

According to WebMD, fibromyalgia is diagnosed based on whether the patient reacts with pain when  18 known trigger points on the body are pressed (see diagram above).  If the patient reacts to 11 out of the 18, then they will be diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  It seems my masseuse's information about the trigger points and release of excess energy were the bits of information that David needed in order to pursue his theory.  He is now working on an experiment to apply EMF stimulation to those trigger points to see if there is a way to reduce the pain of fibromyalgia. 

UPDATE:  An interesting current science article has appeared showing that people who suffer from fibromayalgia seem to improve when treated with oxygen inside hyperbaric chambers normally reserved for scuba divers to avoid the bends!!  Take a look at this interesting article: