Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tapping Into an Alien Mind

I have lectured and written extensively on the topic of alien communication.  In addition to research on the ways in which aliens communicate (telepathically, verbally, linguistically, and written), depending upon the species of alien, I have had my own personal experiences.  I have written about this in my book "How to Talk to an Alien" (2015).

I speak with many people who have their own personal experiences or knowledge of alien interactions.  I have often offered certain types of guidance or psychic interpretations of various types of communications to people who are often left confused and bewildered by their own memories or channeled speech or writing of alien-sounding languages.

Anyone who has experience or knowledge in this area knows that aliens are best known for communicating with us telepathically.  They are also, apparently, quite able to read our minds and control our states of consciousness.  Many contactees are often left with a sense of being helpless at best or a victim at worst.  During contact or abduction experiences many people explain that the ETs are able to implant thoughts in their brains and also to extract thoughts - as a kind of one-sided communication.  Humans are often left feeling like they are an open book.

I have taken part in several CE-5 groups, as well as privately with friends, where we have been able to successfully "call in" or "contact" UFOs in the night skies.  The UFOs generally manifest themselves by "communicating" back to us in the form of seemingly "impossible" manoeuvers with the craft (e.g. rapid figure eights or right turns at phenomenal speeds) or flashes of extraordinarily bright and huge bursts of light.  But who are we really kidding here?  Did we "call them in" or were they waiting for us already having implanted certain ideas or scenarios in our heads?  Did we really "communicate" anything at all other than "Hey there, if you're out there, could you give us a sign of your presence?" - similar to the ubiquitous calls of paranormal investigators seeking to make contact with intelligent ghosts!

It did not occur to me until recently during a psychic reading I gave for a client that it would even be possible for the human mind to "tap into" the mind of an alien.  It always seems to operate in the reverse way.  However, my client, an abductee, requested that I offer psychic confirmation of certain alien communications stemming from my client's alien abduction.  The strange thing was that when I psychically "located" the event, I found myself viewing it, not from the client's point of view, but from the aliens' vantage point!  Not only was I viewing my client's old residence from the skies, but I described it very accurately.  I was able to describe the characteristics and number of aliens involved, the manner in which the client was transferred to the craft, and also an accurate description of some of the alien technology shown to the client during this UFO experience! 

My immediate disclaimer is that I do not recall ever having had any abduction or contact experience in my life.  I have never manifested any "classic" signs of an abduction like a physical implant, peculiar imprints or rapid healing of scars, symptoms of radiation sickness, etc.  Yes, I have read accounts of such things and have spoken with people who have experienced them.  But other than my UFO sightings and some odd telephonic communications, I would have no way to have "guessed" the facts I gave in the reading.

What it suggests to me - a flash of insight - is that we humans have the ability to literally tap into the minds of ETs!  It is not simply a "one-sided" type of game of telepathy or clairvoyance.  If we can do this, then we can learn even more about their origins, behaviors, and thoughts.  What a concept!