Thursday, April 18, 2019

Phone Calls from the Unknown

Ok, funny story.  

Yesterday, I went to a luncheon and met the President's son in New York City.  Interesting event.  Afterwards I went to get my car from the garage.  It is an Infiniti convertible sports car - a hand-me-down from my husband who moved on to a Tesla.  I have been driving it for years.  I always keep it tuned to the Spa Channel of X FM Satellite Radio.  I don't change the channel.  As I drove out onto the street, I set my GPS to go pick up my cat from hip surgery in New Jersey.  The Spa Channel music started playing.  I plugged in my iPhone so it could charge.  So far, so good.  Nothing unusual.

However, all of a sudden, the Spa music was cut off and I began listening to two unidentified women talking.  I thought maybe the radio had switched channels by itself or that perhaps it had decided to play music off my iPhone iTunes.  But no.  None of these was happening.  I looked at my car screen that displays radio stations and GPS.  There was a green bar across the top that said "Call in Progress."  At that point, when I got to the next traffic light, I picked up my iPhone to see if by some very off chance I might have accidentally dialed someone.  My iPhone indicated that there was no call in progress.  Moreover, when I checked to see the Music icon, it was set to some Spa music and was not actively playing.  So clearly, my iPhone had nothing to do with this weird interruption.  

Nor had I accidentally dialed my car phone.  If I had done this, I would remember either hitting the button and then looking up a specific phone number, and would have heard the phone ringing before it was picked up.  None of this happened either.

It was as if I had suddenly been dropped into the middle of a private conversation between two women.  They chatted conversationally.  It was as if one woman had seen some very unusual aerial event and the other woman was asking questions about it.

"Yeah, they were all flying up in the air."
"So what about the third plane?"
"Well, that's what was so weird."
"What happened?"
"That one just suddenly... like... uh, disappeared!  Right out of the sky!"
"What do you mean 'disappeared'?"
"It broke up into lots of little bits of light... you know, kind of scintillating lights..."

After this last sentence, the call abruptly ended.  The green banner on the car screen said "Call Ended."  The satellite radio immediately resumed playing the music from the Spa Channel where I had left it set and hadn't touched it.

What the hell?  

As I tried to figure out the nature of this weird electronic glitch, I wondered if perhaps it might have been a radio podcast.  But why did it come in as a phone call?  As I had listened to the two women talking on the phone call, I wondered if perhaps I had been listening in as a third party due to wires crossing somewhere.  However, as I listened to the two women talking and tried to figure out who they were, they began to sound like my paranormal pal from Baltimore, Pat Roller, and me!  Strangely, although I could identify the women as Pat and me, the voices were "almost" but "not quite" us.  I couldn't put my finger out.  It was as if both our vocal energies were slightly different.  

Although I had already checked my iPhone music window and my car music, the only thing that seemed to make logical sense about this was that perhaps somehow - magically - one of the two podcasts that I did from my old radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" with Pat as my former co-host for those two shows, might have somehow gotten recorded or played in my car.  That seemed beyond highly unlikely.  I only ever recorded one show with her and she and I had never discussed airplanes or UFOs before.  

So I called Pat when I got home.  She confirmed that she and I had never discussed planes or UFOs (other than in some emails in the last two days where she showed me a photo of an orb in the sky in Gettysburg, that she had taken years ago and thought might be a UFO).  She also confirmed that we had never discussed any of these topics on the two podcasts we did together back in 2010.  She also confirmed my belief that she never, never uses the word "scintillating."  As she said, she just uses basic, regular words.  By contrast, "scintillating" is a word that I have used often... She was as baffled as I was.

My husband was literally in the air when I got this message as he was flying back to New Jersey from Colorado. I began to wonder if perhaps this was some conversation that I would have in the future (?) and was intended as a kind of premonition or warning regarding his flight (?).  I sent him a text asking if his plane had been, for any reason, identified as the "third plane."  He said no and arrived home safely.  

Today, I have no idea what this message was.  Why did I hear myself on a phone call that I did not make?  Why were we discussing planes and probably UFOs?  I only write this here to  suggest to you that reality is a sophisticated and complex web of objective and subjective reality... Perhaps it has to do with my upcoming presentation for the June, 2019, Conference of the Society of Scientific Exploration where my subject matter is the relationship between Remote Viewing and Synchronicity.... The power of the mind to alter reality....