Saturday, September 1, 2012

Some Coincidences as "Psychic Intuition" Hits Bookstores

Have you ever had that rather common but astounding experience of knowing that someone, out of the blue, was about to call you on the telephone or send you an email?

This past Wednesday, August 29, 2012, I was invited to give a presentation and book signing of my new book, "Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know," at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Staten Island, NY.  I was told that I should speak for 15 minutes and then do Q & A for another 15 minutes.  Just to be sure I didn't go over my allotted time limit, I figured I should wear a watch.  I don't normally wear wrist watches any more.  Like most people, I flip on my trusty i-phone.  But I thought it would be more discreet if I wore I watch.  I picked through my jewelry box and pulled out all my wrist watches.  None of them worked - except one that was given to me by a friend about 10 years ago.  He had an obsession with time pieces, traveled to Basel, Switzerland, to start up a wrist watch business, and given them as gifts to his friends.  The last time I saw him was many years ago. I had never worn the wrist watch because I frankly I wasn't crazy about the design. But I wore it - for the first time - to my book signing on Wednesday. That night, when I got home and read through my emails, I learned he had died that morning.  He was 91 years old.

Life is incredibly short and we should take advantage of learning about all of our amazing skills and gifts as human beings in the time we have.  This story illustrates what I talk about in my new book.  "Psychic Intuition" was published last week and is now in Barnes & Noble and other book stores around the country, and available on Amazon.  For those of you who prefer electronic books, it is also available on Kindle and Nook.

The story about my friend's watch shows how intuition operates in subtle and curiously synchronistic ways.  Never underestimate your capacity to "tune in" to the vast ocean of vibratory information that surrounds us every second of every day.  It may not seem rational or based on any facts at all - and still you can "know" things without knowing why.  Could you call this a "coincidence"?  Sure!  You can call virtually every event a coincidence.  But a synchronicity is a "meaningful coincidence."   If the intersection of two seemingly unrelated events is strangely meaningful to the person experiencing them, it begins to feel as if there may be an invisible cause-and-effect rather than simply a random coincidence.  It is our responsibility to not merely dismiss events like this, but to examine them for possible causes.  After all, the concept of "cause-and-effect" is not an alien idea to our scientists!

Anyway, I invite you all to take a look at my book.  I wrote it for skeptics and believers.  I wanted to explain the origins of psychic ability to everyone and in terms that everyone can accept and understand.  Psychic ability is not magic.  It is a natural, normal, human physiological function.  Most of us lose this ability as we grow up because our brains become programmed to think in words and logic - both of which kill this style of "thinking" - or, more accurately, "sensing."  We forget how to sense our world.  But this can be retrained.

"Psychic Intuition" is not a book about how to become psychic in 12 easy steps, nor is it a book about what an amazing and extraordinary life I have as a psychic medium.  However, I set forth simple exercises to help you "relearn" your innate psychic ability.  I explain what it feels like from the inside to have psychic impressions.  After all, I am a trained psychic.  I became a psychic detective and spiritual medium rather late in life.  The book has been called "ground breaking" by almost everyone who has read it - from skeptics to psychics.  I don't think it is like any other book I have read before.  I invite you to take a look at it and let me know what you think about it.

Another strange "coincidence".  Last night - for the first time - I randomly decided to check on Amazon to see if they had removed my previous (much longer) book called "Psychic Intuition."  I was shocked to see there was just one copy available and it had a list price of a whopping and unbelievable $1,561.57!  This morning, I opened up my email and found a note from someone who had also just checked the price of my old book online and commented, "I still don’t understand why the 2010 ed of your Intuition book has shot up so high!"  It was news to me! 

Coincidence is only a matter of the appearance of events in a seemingly orderly sequence based on our (mis)perception of how time flows.