Friday, February 25, 2011

The Allison DuBois Meltdown

I recently caught the tail-end of the reality series "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" - not a show I normally watch - and thought maybe I had dreamt the outrageous witchy persona of well-known psychic medium Allison DuBois, whose life formed the inspiration for the popular TV series "Medium."  I was so shocked and horrified by her behavior, I actually watched the entire episode, aptly titled "A Dinner from Hell," when it was re-aired at a later date just to make sure I hadn't missed something.  I just wanted to check my own reality.  Could Allison DuBois have really sunk that low?

Yup.  She did.  I felt like I was watching a train wreck.  She was apparently quite drunk on boat-sized martini-looking drinks, puffing theatrically on her electronic cigarette, as she snarled visciously, bared her animalistic teeth, and threatened the other dinner guests with her unique psychic ability to see inside their minds and predict their deaths!  Was she working overtime trying to become a regular on this show?

Her most famous quote of the dinner:  "My dad said live life large and make no apologies for who you are. I don't give a shit what she says about me! She can fuck off. I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her family. I love that about me!"

Really?  DuBois has apparently fired back at the network stating the show was edited in such a way as to make her look bad.  But anyone who saw the show knows it would have been impossible to edit her seething, snarling facial expressions; her outrageous and vulgar language; her pseudo-Biblical-sounding pronouncements of "Know this-sssssss" followed by psychic threats to the other dinner guests; not to mention the attempts to judiciously blur out her obvious hand vulgarities of middle fingers and masterbatory motions.

I am glad she loves herself and her abilities.  Good for her.  However, for someone who has managed to achieve the level of fame and popularity that she has enjoyed, she fails to realize that she is an ambassador of psychics and that her failure to use proper decorum and elegance in the world of non-psychics, leaves all the rest of us holding the bag, so to speak.  We all look bad when someone as ostensibly talented and most certainly blessed with good fortune and good looks as Allison DuBois jumps off the deep end.  Even casual viewers have stated her face looked almost "demonic"!  Which leads me to another point.

When psychics begin to use their "powers" for evil, negative, narcissistic or underhanded purposes, the great irony of the universe is that they actually lose their powers!  This happened, for example, with a number of psychics including Uri Geller when they tried to use their predictive powers to benefit themselves in the stock market!  This is why it is so important for psychics to stay on the straight and narrow path of making sure they use their gifts for the greater good of humanity. 

Allison DuBois needs to take a large step back and re-evaluate her gifts.  If she continues to use them as a personal threat against others instead of a human service, they will soon evaporate.  Certainly, her followers will evaporate long before that happens.