Sunday, September 3, 2017

Triangular Marks and Aliens - Am I a Human Crop Circle?

Equilateral triangle mark on hand 2015 (Photo A)

Equilateral triangle mark  on ankle 2017 (Photo B)
Equilateral triangle mark on thigh 2017 (Photo C)

Eye-shaped mark on forearm 2017 (Photo D)

In UFO lore, I have been aware of discussions about certain body marking associated with alien contact and abductions.  Among these are triangle and diamond shapes, strange bruise marks (often in the shape of three fingers which are assumed to be the result of holding a person down by force), puncture wounds (I have even see these inside the mouth as well as all over the body), the famous "scoop" marks which result in a slight half-moon type of indentation as if a tissue sample had been taken, and so on.  One of the more common markings is an equilateral triangle shape made of three points or possible puncture points.  I have seen many of these online, and ufologist Richard Dolan has been quoted as saying these types of triangular marks are commonly reported by abductees and contactees.  I have seen many posted online and they look extremely similar to mine.

I recently began to notice some strange marks on my body over the last few years and have been searching for answers.  As far as I know, I have never been abducted, nor do I have any strange implants anywhere in my body. 

In 2011, my daughter and I walked out of a local movie theatre at about midnight and witnessed a football field-sized "mothership" shaped like a giant boomerang.  Thereafter, for about a year, we experienced frequent interruptions of our phone calls by strange electronic voices and noises.

In October, 2015, I published my first book on ufology entitled "How to Talk to an Alien" and have lectured frequently on the topic since then.

In November, 2015, I woke up with a tiny equilateral triangle made of three reddish dots on my left hand in between my index and middle fingers (see Photo A).  I thought it was odd and had never had a mark like that before.  The length of the sides was about 1/8 of an inch.

In 2017, around late April or early May, I found a strange equilateral triangle above my left knee made of three round dots  (Photo B).  I didn't think much about it.  I took a photo of what was left of the markings in August.  The length of the sides was about 3/8 of an inch.

In August, 2017, I found another slightly smaller equilateral triangle on left ankle. (Photo C).

Naturally I started looking for some - hopefully ordinary - explanations.  I thought perhaps they might be spider bites.  Yes, here in New Jersey, we get some fairly ordinary spiders in the house in the summertime.  That would not explain the marks in November or April/May.  I do have two cats, one of which goes outside.  I thought it might be possible he carried in some spiders or insects with weird biting habits on his fur.  However, he is medicated against fleas, ticks and other insects.  Besides, I thought spiders only had two parallel fangs.  A triangle (of all different sizes) just didn't make sense.

Then I read online that bedbugs can cause bites in the shape of triangles.  I studied them online and they mostly didn't look like my bites.  Bedbug bites seems to be more profuse, like red, bumpy rashes, and the bites were sloppy-looking, surrounded by rings or redness, pus or swelling, or little punctures in the centers of the bumps and not in separate perfect equilateral triangles - unlike my dots.  I do not have any of the classic signs of bedbug infestation in my bed.  Generally speaking, when bitten by any type of bug, I tend to have severe allergic reactions. They tend to be itchy, swollen, white at the centers, with red rings.  Obviously my triangular markings have none of these symptoms.  They do not itch and look rather "clean" - rather like three-prong points of a needle. It also seems unlikely that my dots are due to bedbug infestation because I've experienced these triangles for over two years and bedbug populations multiply at a rate of 400 per day, so after two years of unchecked population growth, I would likely be covered in bites all over my body by now!


(Photos from a Canadian bedbug exterminator company called Green Heat)
I decided to write this blog about these strange marks last week on August 30.  The next morning I woke up with the strangest mark of all - it looks like an eye imprinted onto my right forearm.  It lasted for about an hour and a half.  Normally, little creases in the skin from lying on sheets or pillows only last for about five or ten minutes.  I looked everywhere for what could have made this strange mark.  There was nothing about my bedding or pajamas (short-sleeved and no buttons) that could have made such a mark.  Further, the round shape could not have been made by a button because it is not imprinted or depressed.  It would have to have been created by something like a flip-top of a soda can pushed into my skin.  

Photo of markings left on a man who claimed to have experienced many alien abductions. See

My next thought was to revert to alien markings.  I began to wonder if perhaps the "eye" mark on my arm was created by some alien force using me as some kind of human canvas like a human crop circle to create an image with a message.  Perhaps that message, coming on the heels of my decision to write this blog, was "We're watching you.  We're watching what you write about this phenomenon."

Here's the kicker - I had to rewrite this entire blog again because the first one mysteriously erased itself....  Never happened before in my 9 years of blog writing.