Saturday, September 10, 2016

Swastikas and Isis

Like most thoughts that come from dreams, they are often best told in the strange unfolding of imagery that seems to bear little or no relation to chronology.  It occurred to me, as one of those intangible "thoughts" that lie between the layers of "real" thoughts, that the battle over the name of "ISIS" holds a mystery that has a hook deep into our collective consciousness.  ISIS is the common name for the terrorist jihadist militant group that follows a fundamentalist Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam and intends to build a "state" under this repressive and violent religion.  It generally goes by the name of the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (so-dubbed by most American media).  However, American government officials have - strangely, in my opinion, and stubbornly - continued to refer to this group as "ISIL" for the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant."  I have often wondered why.  I have even queried some in the government who might know - and never received a satisfactory answer.  And so I meditated on the answer and found it in my dreams. 

Isis is one of the most revered and important of all the ancient Egyptian goddesses.  She became known as the goddess of knowledge, magic, healing, fertility and protector of the dead.  She was a role model for all women and the first female deity to achieve parity with male gods.  In fact, her name is the Greek word for an ancient Egyptian word for "throne."  The cow horns and sun orb ornament on her head create the symbol for the word "throne." She was worshipped from England to Afghanistan, and by many pagan worshippers.

Isn't ironic that this jihadist terrorist group "ISIS" has usurped the name of the most important goddess of Middle Eastern antiquity?  At least - and let's me clear here - we Americans have chosen to call this group "ISIS."  Most Europeans refer to it by its Arabic acronym "Daesh."  The ironies are multiple.  First, this group - let's call it Daesh - believes in the most violent repression of women and girls of any group on this planet.  Isis was the goddess of women.  Second, the United States, while it claims to fight Daesh, has "inadvertently" sided with it and other rebels in Syria. This may explain our "schizophrenic" approach to using the names "ISIS" and "ISIL."

Ultimately, it occurred to me, looking into our future, is that we will do unto the name of the goddess Isis what we did to the symbol of the swastika after its similar strange political perversion in Hitler's Germany in World War II.  Today, it is illegal in many countries to use the swastika as a symbol because its association with Hitler, the Nazi party, and the extermination of six million Jews and others, is so intense.  Like the symbol of the goddess Isis, the swastika was originally used - for many thousands of years - as a peaceful religious symbol.   It comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "luck" or "well-being."  This equilateral cross with four bent legs swirling, like the energy of kundalini, either in a clockwise fashion portending evolution or counter-clockwise portending "involution" or collapse. 

Swastikas were widely used by various Indian religious groups like Hindus, Buddhists and Jainists back to the 2nd century BCE, also by Native American groups and others around the world, going back to the Bronze Age, 13,000 BCE.  The point is, the symbol has a very long history of peace, religion and magic - like Isis - and it only took one madman and his political group about ten years to steal the symbol, to try and steal its power for himself, and thus destroy it for future humanity.  We are, unwittingly perhaps, in the process of doing the same thing with the name of the goddess Isis.

Bull with wings symbol of Lords
 of the Black Stone
And then my dream layers unraveled to a deeper layer.  The Nazis had their own connection with Isis in history as I subsequently learned.  Most people have heard that Hitler and his cronies were deeply immersed in the occult.  Many of Hitler's top henchmen were members of the occult secret societies known as The Thule Society, working alongside the Vril Society,which became main sponsors of the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei which was later transformed into the Nazi Party.  A primary focus of these secret societies was to initiate various occult contacts to locate the origins of the Aryan race.  Starting in 1917, a group of Golden Dawn initiates and adepts, who became influential in the Thule/Vril societies, including transcendental medium Maria Orsic from Zagreb met in Vienna to review various teachings of the Knights Templar and a mysterious post-Templar secret fraternity known as "Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein" or "DHvSS" which translates into "The Lords of the Black Stone."  Many have suggested this was the secret origin of the term "SS." 

View of Untersberg Mountain from Hitler's home
Without going into too much detail, these four discovered that the Knights Templar had received various revelations that the original Teutonic people would be saved at the Untersberg Mountain.  In 1933, Hitler purchased his famous home called Berghof in Bavaria with its direct view of Untersberg Mountain.  The four occultists discovered that in 1220, Templar Komtur Hubertus Koch, returning from the Crusades, passed through Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and had an apparition of the goddess Isais, the eldest daughter of the goddess Isis, who told him to go to Untersberg mountain, build a small house, and wait for her next apparition.  He did this and apparently even built an underground temple at the mountain to honor the goddess Isais.  He subsequently had two more apparitions in 1226 and 1238.  During this period of time, the Templars received "Die Isais Offenbarung" ("The Revelations of Isais") which concerned information about the Holy Grail.  They were also told to form The Lords of the Black Stone.  So they did.

Bottom line, Hitler spent more time at his home in Berghof than Berlin.  He, like the Templars before him, was waiting for a sign from the goddess Isais at Untersberg Mountain.  He was waiting for the alleged Biblical event described in Matthew 21:43 where God would take the kingdom away from the Jews and give it to the Teutonic (Aryan) peoples.  This would happen at a cosmic moment defined by a ray of the "Black Sun" hitting the location determined to be the Untersberg Mountain. 

The link between the swastika and Isis cemented.

But there was more, as my mind seemed to have foreseen before I had the knowledge.  One of the main purposes of the occult group, The Lords of the Black Stone, seems to have been to locate the Holy Grail for the Aryan race. 
Most people are taught that the Holy Grail is the legendary chalice out of which Christ drank during the Last Supper that mysteriously disappeared afterwards.  Others have suggested the Holy Grail may have been more of a metaphor, suggesting it may have even been Christ's own female child by Mary Magdalene who was brought to southern France, and venerated by the Knights Templar and kept secret by those of the Cathar religion.  Pope Innocent III initiated a 20-year military campaign to wipe out the gnostic-based Cathars which has been called a mass murder and genocide. Still others have suggested it is a black crystal that was smuggled out of southern France by four Cathar women in 1244 and, as legend goes, would be returned to its rightful owners 700 years later.  The history of the Holy Grail is infused with a history of women - which is interesting since a "cup" is a "yin" or feminine symbol.

Interestingly, the word "Grail" comes from the Persian-Arabic word "Ghral," according to one commentator I read, which means "holy stone."  This stone was said to be a black-violet crystal, half quartz and half amethyst, through which Higher Powers or deities could communicate with humanity.  Let's suppose these Teutonic occult groups are looking for a magical black stone that communicates with the daughter of the goddess Isis. 

Perhaps this stone has been hiding in plain sight. 

In my considerable ignorance, I was not aware that the reason why Muslims are required at least once in their lifetime to visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia, considered the most holy site for the faith, where thousands of Islamic pilgrims are seen annually walking counter-clockwise around a large square box in the center of a huge plaza during the hajj, is to pay homage to the Black Stone.  I was not aware that in the eastern cornerstone of that large square structure, an ancient structure known as the Kaaba, at the center of this swirling mass of humanity there is a silver frame containing the smooth, polished, fragmentary remains of the Black Stone.  The job of the pilgrim is try and kiss the stone, or, that failing, to point one's finger in its direction. 

 The Black Stone was worshiped in pre-Islamic pagan times and according to Islamic tradition was placed in the Kaaba wall by the Prophet Muhammad in 605 A.D.  According to the Islamic faith, this stone fell from the heavens as a guide for Adam and Eve to build an altar.  This gave rise to many theories that the stone was a black meteorite, although current scientists have suggested it probably isn't.  I find it interesting, as one commentator aptly pointed out, that the silver casing for the Black Stone, looks distinctly like female genitalia.  Additionally, the energy generated by this human religious swarm is counter-clockwise, like the Nazi swastika, which tends toward involution. 

The Black Stone brings us back to the Islamic world, and by its unfortunate association, to ISIS and the Islamic terrorist movement in the Middle East.  In this strange circular journey of historical links and coincidences, it feels as if there is almost a cosmic pull toward a connection between the rise of Naziism and the rise of ISIS.  Like the Nazis, ISIS states that one of its goals is to kill Jews. How ironic! It is as if they have both taken some of the symbols most precious to humanity and absconded with them, attempting to steal their supernatural symbolic powers as sigils, and abuse them until they lose their value for the rest of us. 

The Black Stone, the goddess Isis and the ancient swastika symbol are all symbols that belong to humanity, to women, and to some of our greatest religions, including paganism. We should never allow these symbols to be stolen for political purposes.

POST SCRIPT:  As with many things that occur to me "out of order" chronologically, I wrote this post today - September 26, 2016 - and yet my computer has insisted on labeling it as having been entered on September 10, 2016.  I seem to have somehow manifested the reality of the first opening sentence of this blog: "[l]ike most thoughts that come from dreams, they are often best told in the strange unfolding of imagery that seems to bear little or no relation to chronology." 



A Bug in the System for Binary ARV

I am trained in several type of remote viewing techniques, including military-style Controlled Remote Viewing ("CRV") and Associative Remote Viewing ("ARV").  These are what I have called applications of clairvoyance using certain defined protocols.  These protocols are all different systems that enable the remote viewers, as well as their monitors and judges of the sessions, to apply uniform standards to the psychic imagery which generally applies to places or events in distant locations or distant time zones, such as the future. 

ARV is interesting because it helps the viewer to relax a bit and takes the pressure off because the viewer doesn't need to find the "right" answer to the ultimate question, but only the imagery associated with one out of two photos which ultimately will represent the right answer. The photos are usually randomly picked.  They are randomly associated with possible answers (usually a binary system of up or down, winning or losing, right or wrong).  A photo of a flower may represent a "win" and a photo of a boat may represent a "lose" if the question (never told to the remote viewers) is: Will the Red Sox win the World Series this year?

I recently joined the ARV group called Applied Precognition Project founded by computational physicist Marty Rosenblatt, who has worked in the past developing computer simulation games and outcomes for organizations like the Department of Defense and NASA, and have a worked on a number of ARV taskings.  Marty was quoted in an interview in the "Eight Martini's Magazine" (issue 12, January, 2015) as saying he liked ARV because of "the clarity it provides in defining a Hit versus a Miss."  He is a big believer in making sure viewers get feedback on their viewing so they can learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.  

Under Marty's ARV system, viewers are also invited to judge their own transcripts.  A numerical scoring system is used to see how well our psychic images match the feedback photos (A and B) that are later randomly assigned to each of our two transcript numbers.  Sometimes our descriptions and drawings are a good match (a "Hit"), sometimes they don't match at all (a "Miss") and sometimes the descriptions of both photos are equally good or equally bad - in which case it is a wash and doesn't count (a "Pass").  All of the group's hits and misses are tallied up at the end of the day.  Marty then places a bet on the group's collective choice.  In our case, it is whether certain international currencies will go up or down that day.

I recently had a result I had never experienced before - nor had I ever seen anyone else produce this kind of result.  It was apparently quite unusual.  I brought it to Marty's attention.  He felt it was interesting enough to bring up for discussion in his Webinar.  I had described and sketched my two transcripts.  They looked very different to me.  I thought I was describing two different photographs (Photos A and B).  After I submitted them online, I was able to see the two photos that were assigned one to each transcript.  For scoring purposes, I was presented with a little four-box grid.  My job was to assign a numerical value to each photo for each transcript. 

Here was the problem:  Instead of describing each of the two photos, my transcripts described the same exact photo!  They both described Photo A.  Photo A turned out to be a photo of Stonehenge (see actual photo at the top of this page).  They were both quite good descriptions and so I scored them both quite high.  I assigned them each a score of "6" out of the Targ 7-point confidence ranking system.  Transcript 756355 describes and sketches a series of choppy land masses in the "forefront" of a golden, warm, glowing sun on the left hand side.  Transcript 880514 shows a tall, stone, carved, gravestone pointing upward, a "monument" with a "national feeling" and perhaps "an angel on a gravestone?" (compare to the actual photo image with a lady standing on top of Stonehenge). Strangely, neither transcript described Photo B  at all which turned out to be a picture of a pink rose.  Consequently, I assigned "0" for both transcripts for Photo B.  

Here are the two transcripts I described and drew, for those of you who might be interested:

Because my brain only focused on one photograph, the scoring came out very strange.  I was forced to take a "Pass" because the "6" for Transcript 1 washed out the "6" for Transcript 2.  I couldn't say which Transcript represented Photo A.  That was a problem.  This is very unusual.  Again, this is a situation that probably hasn't come up much at all in WE ARV discussions - if ever! Take a look at my little diagram below showing two boxes. The top box shows why I had to pass with equal scorings for Photo A.  I call that a "Vertical Pass."  The bottom box shows why people normally pass with equal scorings for Photo A and Photo B.  I call that a "Horizontal Pass."  That just means your psychic brain captured the data equally well or equally poorly for both photos.

Although my brain correctly focused on accurately describing the "feedback target" which was the imagery in Photo A,  my brain also seems to have (without my permission) focused on the ultimate correct winning photo (which was Photo A).  We learned the day after our scores were submitted that Photo A (the picture of Stonehenge), which had been pre-selected to represent an uptick in the financial market in the future, accurately corresponded with a real uptick in the financial market.  It was a real "winning" photo in the end. 

Normally, your job is only to describe each photo choice, not the ultimate photo that will represent the winning answer in reality.  Unfortunately for me, I did both.  My brain apparently also wanted to play "leap frog" and go directly to the winning answer, and only allowed me to describe the one photo (Photo A) that would win.  Unfortunately, not only for me, but also for the overall scoring for our group, I was forced to pass.  My concern is that this unusual problem of what I am calling a "Vertical Pass" results in some problems in the WE ARV system.   

First of all, this has the effect of penalizing the remote viewer in terms of feedback.  Let's face it!  It is not easy to look at a piece of paper with a number written on it and then try to "imagine" or sketch the photo it will represent in the future!  As remote viewers, we all operate with a delicate psyche.  Even small amounts of negativity in this realm can have devastating effects on our future ability to remote view.  This is a delicate art/science of prediction.  In this situation, I was forced to pass, even though I had succeeded in the goal of producing one highly accurate transcript (as well as a second one too) which also happened to turn out to be the winning answer.  I was thus compelled to stay out of the game (a kind of negative feedback for me) even though I had not done anything "wrong" in terms of viewing the target.  If this kind of pass is not corrected, it may lead to other viewers receiving inappropriate negative feedback.

Second, I believe this unusual kind of a pass may result in tilting the scoreboard the wrong way for the group bet.  The WE ARV system is geared toward the ultimate practical application of remote viewing by using the binary selection to make a binary choice in the real world (sports bet, financial market, simple predictions).  My transcripts could not be added to the group selection because a "pass" doesn't count.  If the majority of the other viewers had scored in favor Photo A, then my pass wouldn't have made a difference in the bet.  But let's suppose, there was a "tie" in the overall group, then my choice of Photo A would have tipped the balance toward the correct bet.  Or, let's suppose several of the viewers began to have Vertical Pass issues.  If several were correct, then the failure to include them could theoretically lead to a wrong bet.  In the world of mathematical precision and probabilities, even these seemingly tiny or unusual anomalies need to be taken into consideration if we are to come up with good statistical models for betting.  The problem of the Vertical Pass could represent a very tiny but annoying bug in the system.

POST SCRIPT: I have since had some interesting discussions with Marty about his ARV system and some of the issues I described above.  As I discovered, he actually likes my term "vertical pass" to describe this particular problem which - as it turns out - is a kind of psychic override of his binary choice ARV system and throws a wrench in it.  I accurately viewed too far into the future!  I foresaw the "winning" outcome photo, not the "winning" feedback photo prior to the actual event occurrence.  However, this vertical pass does not interfere with his voting system.  I erroneously believed that Photo A in both transcript #1 and #2 represented, in his system, an uptick.  Turns out, Photo A will be an uptick for transcript #1 and Photo B will be the uptick for transcript #2.  That may sound complicated, but it solves the problem of the Vertical Pass issue I have raised!  It means that if your psyche believes the currency exchange will go up, you will select Photo A the first time and Photo B the second time, and either way, your choice will be the winner!