Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Perfect Medium

I believe if you balance your life correctly you will be both teacher and student, and these will occur in regular cycles.  For several years I have taught psychic development and mediumship in the New York tri-state area, but have not had the opportunity to practice these skills as a student.  I began to feel out of balance.

So I attended an all-day seminar on mediumship given at a local Spiritualist Church in New Jersey led by an exceptionally skilled American medium.  I liked his style, his presentation, his openness and willingness to discuss the human aspects of mediumship, namely, self-doubt and destructive self-criticism for failure to deliver accurate information.  We all suffer when mediums stand up and make grandiose proclamations about their perfect accuracy rates, and then intimidated by our secret self-doubts about our abilities.

I was (to my great relief) not called upon to go to the stage and deliver a message from Spirit to the entire group of about 30 professional mediums.  I felt rusty and out-of-practice for doing "platform mediumship" although I have been teaching it to my own students for many years.  Platform mediumship is a special kind of mediumship.  It is a kind of a stage performance with certain strict protocols.  First, you contact Spirit.  Then you begin to identify the Spirit by gender, age, familial relationship, cause of death, physical description, and then, finally, several bits of very, very specific information that act as "evidence" of a particular Spirit.  You ask if anyone in the audience can "understand this."  Usually, a few people will raise their hands.  You keep delivering more information until you have narrowed down your possible recipients to a single person.  Then you give this person a message from their Spirit.  It is a frightening process since it is so public.  The likelihood of delivering bad or false information in such a public forum is ever-present.  I was glad I was not called on to be the platform medium.  I was happy to sit in the back row and keep my impressions quietly to myself.

At one point, we did an exercise where three students stood on the stage and one by one performed platform mediumship for a woman sitting in the audience.  They established that the Spirit they were contacting was this woman's deceased grandmother - height, hair color, wore flowered dresses, psychic ability, bad ankles, good relationship, etc.  As they were talking, I seemed to tune into the spirit of this woman's grandmother.  She showed me a full-color mental image that was clear, well-defined and totally unexpected.  She showed me a rather large fetus lying inside the uterus.  I was immediately disturbed when I was this baby was not moving and lying very flat.  It was clear the baby was dead. 

When the three mediums finished their work, we all applauded and they left the stage.  Our teacher wrapped up the workshop and people began to go home.  I was left with a familiar feeling - a sense that Spirit was almost pushing my back and forcing me to go to this woman and deliver some message.  This time I ignored my fear.  I approached her and timidly asked her if I could ask her a very personal question about herself which related to her grandmother.  She agreed without hesitation.  I told her she didn't have to answer.

I asked her, " Did you ever lose a fetus?"  (I purposely did not say "baby").

She responded, carefully, "Actually yes.  I haven't thought about it in a very long time.  It was a miscarriage."

"Yes, that's what I saw."

She said, "The baby was very far along and I was nearing the end of my pregnancy."

"That explains why the fetus I saw was so well-developed and looked like a baby."

"Another way this relates to my grandmother," she added, "is that she died on the same day my baby was delivered."

As usual when this works correctly, I was more stunned than she was.

I delivered my message, "Well, she wants you to know she has the baby with her."

I didn't need to say anything more.  Mission accomplished.  Message delivered.  The woman gave me an enormous hug and thanked me for delivering this very important message from her grandmother.  I was ecstatic.  Spirit delivered a double gift - one for her and one for me.  Spirit confirmed that I am indeed a medium despite all my doubts!!!


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