Monday, February 27, 2017

How I Entered My Husband's Erotic Dream


Dreams have fascinated us since the beginning of mankind.  Some people remember them, and some don't.  Some people dream in color, others don't. Some people can control the action or outcomes in their dreams, while others cannot.  Some dreams predict the future or reveal hidden concepts, others clarify our emotional reality or psychological concerns.  As for me, I have been a lucid dreamer since I was a young child and learned how to understand I was in a dream and could control the outcomes.  I always dream in color.  I have had many predictive dreams that later came true (usually they had nothing to do with me or my personal reality).  I generally remember my dreams every night.  The point is: I have a fair amount of control over my dream life.

A couple of months ago, I experienced a highly unusual dream.  I was able to enter my husband's dream!  This is different from the more common experience of two people sharing the same dream - I actually entered his dream - it was not mine!  Here is what happened:

In my dream, I was located about 8 feet away from my husband, Patrick.  He was either seated or kneeling in front of an Asian-looking woman with long black flowing hair who was seated or kneeling facing him.  They were only about a foot apart, fully clothed, and staring lovingly into each others eyes.  I believe Patrick had his right hand around her waist.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  I stared at Patrick's face, scrutinizing every detail, and the more I stared, his face began to appear younger and younger.  He suddenly seemed to become aware of my presence in his intimate dream.  He turned his head slowly in my direction and our eyes locked.  After a couple of seconds of staring at each other, he turned his head away and then leaned in toward the Asian woman and was about to kiss her.  I became outraged at his behavior but I was suddenly awoken out of my dream when the phone rang.

I went downstairs to get some coffee.  Patrick was already pouring his coffee. 

I said, "You know, I had the most unusual dream just now."

He quickly said, "Yeah! So did I!" (This was highly unusual for him.  He almost never remembers his dreams and always dreams in black and white).

"I dreamt you were with a woman!" I announced.

"Yes!" he shouted. "I was with a woman in my dream too!  She was Asian."

"I know," I said.  "She had long black hair."


"But she wasn't exactly Asian," I said. "She looked sort of Polynesian or Middle Eastern."

Patrick looked at me with a stunned expression.

"Well, come to think of it, you are absolutely right.  She looked kind of Polynesian..."

"You were sitting opposite her and you were about to kiss her!" I snapped.

"Yes, we were sitting facing each other, and I had my arm around her, but I wasn't going to have sex with her!" he yelled defensively.  "She was the one who was going to kiss me!"

"No! You were going to kiss her, Patrick!  I saw you pucker your lips."

"Well, nothing happened because the phone rang and woke me up," he said.  "And besides, there was another woman in my dream.  I don't know who she was, but she was sitting not far from us and she was just staring at us.  It was some blonde lady."

"Are you kidding me?" I said, "That was me! I was staring at you both!"

"Oh my God," he said with a stunned look on his face, "You're right.  That was you!"

Suddenly, it dawned on both of us, that we had both been in his dream.  The verifications were astounding - including the fact that the "action" had been halted at the exact same moment for both of us when the phone rang and woke both of us up.  The only discrepancy that we could find between our two dreams was that in my dream, I was located to Patrick's left side, and in his dream, I was located to his right side.  We both recalled the moment where our eyes locked and we stared briefly at each other.  I have never entered another person's dream before.  There were absolutely no reasons in our reality together that would have constituted a subliminal storyline in this dream.  Patrick and I have been happily married for nearly 30 years without any incidents! 

Of course, I now tease him that he can never be unfaithful to me - even in his dreams!  Clearly, he has been on his best behavior since then!!  That is the problem when you are married to a psychic.


  1. Hello Nancy,

    Another man saved by the bell literally and in this case it was the phone. Technically if both of you are real so should the polynesian woman be on the other end of the spectrum dreaming of Patrick as potentially a shared portal tunnel experience. Similarly as to how you shared the dream moment with Patrick.

    This Polynesian woman may have been from Patrick's past maybe when he dated her before marriage to you. There's a reason the dream occurred beyond tying you both together in a shared dream projection in spirit. It may be symbolic or any other chain events that leave this dream loaded with meaning and potential as an oracle experience.

  2. Ivan, thanks for your thoughts! However, you need to distinguish between sharing a "dream" versus sharing a "reality." Since I only shared Patrick's dream, there is no logical reason why the Polynesian woman (assuming she even exists at all in reality) would also have to have shared this experience with us! In fact, Patrick confirmed to me she is not a real person from his past because he did not recognize who she was in the dream! If she is somehow a "real" person, who is unknown to us, then there will never be a way to verify whether she also shared this dream. Also, I am very familiar with symbolic and/or emotional release types of dreams. Lucid dreams are generally quite distinct and thus distinguishable from these in several key ways.

  3. Ribert Monroe.s /Journeys out of Body, talks of astral travel in "dreams". had a handful of experiences like tha, so aren.t dreams, but actually my energy body participating in that matter.

  4. Hi, Nancy!
    Jay here!
    This is taking marriage security to another level ������.
    I think you were there to prevent a soul-eating alien from planet Alpha Tahiti to suck the life force from Patrick ������.
    Just kidding. So many possibilities, but I think we can say that either in your own or with some kind of angelic help, you are reaching a new step in couple energy harmonization.
    Back to playing...
    Maybe he planned to marry a Polynesian, but ended up with a beautiful Blindex French-descendant instead...
    Or maybe he admired some Gauguin's paintings in some magazine or documentary the day before...
    All the best!
    P.S. Haven't abandoned our project!!! I just can't find time and energy and all else to start it.